Would not recommend tourists attend Club Paradise. In Las Vegas

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 on Thursday, February 13, 2014 at 08:17:39

Company: Club Paradise

Category: Food_Restaurants

Comments: CP Food and Beverage (Club Paradise) engages in unethical methods of charging revenue to tourist and charged my account almost double the amount they shold have.  They did this in a two ways:

First, I agreed to a $200 fee for performer for 30 minutes of time.  They then charged me $300.  On that bill they also included an extra tip that they never explained for $45.

Next, they ordered drinks without my consent.  I bought one round of drinks for me and the performer right away, that’s it.  I was with friends and kept getting drinks so I thought they might be coming from friends.  When I was leaving, I do remember noticing that the performer had like 5 drink glasses were pretty much not being consumed much at all.  T

Finally, they kept my card.  I had to cancel the card and now I am challenging all the charges. I spoke to their accounts management team and they said they wouldn’t refund the difference that I am disputing.     

I would not recommend tourists attend Club Paradise.  They are unethical at best, and charged drinks to my account without my consent.  Looking back, the whole place is a fine tuned machined, most likely trained together, and working together to maximize revenue and take people’s money. 

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