The inguinal region is one of interest to the surgeon because of the frequency of hernia and the necessity for its radical buy cure. Partridge's visit, leads us to wish that this Surgeon had been a little more cautious in his opinion, for it appears, that on amazon the last occasion of his visit there was a considerable amount of swelling about the joint. Thus we cannot but place them in the same order, or else all our notions of affinities and resemblances fall to the ground. Catamenia irregular during last tliree months. Only in the earlier stages of development small hyaline bodies are to be found in the peripheral circulation; being found in the later stages in the blood of certain internal viscera, spleen, and bone marrow, particularly.

Throat, Nose, and Lung Hospital; German Medical Society of the City of New York; Utica Medical Library Association (annual); Niagara Falls Academy of Medicine; Brooklyn Hospital Club; Roswell Park Medical Club, Buffalo; Hornell Medical and (Section in Dermatology); New York Neurological Society; Clinical Society of the West Side German Dispensary and School for Clinical Medicine; Buffalo Academy of Medicine (Section in Surgery); Ogdensburgh Medical Association; Oswego Academy of Medicine; Syracuse Academy of Medicine; Medical Association of Troy and Vicinity; Long Island Medical Society; Amsterdam City Medical Society; Lockport Academy of Medicine; Society of Alumni of Lebanon Hospital, New York: Hudson County, N.


Not Pictured: Gay Koenig, Bonita Lord, Stephanie Lyon, Mary McKenzie, Connie Posner, Susan Williams, Patti Booker, Mary The LSU Medical Students' Wives' Club was formed to provide companionship and to promote friendship amoung the female members of the student community. The Wassermann reaction has remained negative for over two years since the treatment was administered, and his clinical condition has been absolutely perfect for nearly three years.

This one animal became affected with what may be called, to distinguish it from artificially induced disease, naturally acquired tuberculosis through the intensest kind of exposure. In nine cases out of ten none of the' brownish jellylike material contained in the cyst appears through the needle. Gas bacilli greatly increased, and they carried out their theory of feeding high proteids, giving buttermilk, fatfree milk, and Eiweiss milk without any trouble. We find, for instance, that a robust vigorous young athlete who is a"good feeder" frequently dies young, while the poor dyspeptic, who has a capacity for eating about equal a long time to die, that we are apt to lose interest in his existence and scarcely notice his final de BEHAN: SURGERY IN THE SERVIAN-BULGARIAX W.-iK. Which gives special training in EENT, cardiology and physiology, desires hospital, plans to do general practice with obstetrics and limited major surgery, prefers an association with another Street, Brooklyn, N. There have been forty-five deaths from the disease. There is, on the other hand, definite evidence in the blood of activity of the erythroblastic where tissues. There are special times at which cancer patients, those with uterine and special female diseases, ophthalmic cases, and patients with affections of the The staff consists of thi-ee Physicians, four Surgeons, a Physician- Accoucheur, thi-ee Assistant -Physicians, two Assistant- Surgeons, an Ophthalmic Surgeon, and a Dental House-Surgeons, who are selected from amongst the students annually on competition, three Clinical Assistants, and one Obstetric Assistant, similarly selected. The sight may be affected in a very great variety of ways in cerebral disease, and it is of the greatest importance to analyse the various kinds of defects(a). A system that was practiced at the Bureau of Animal Industry Experiment Station, when some of the cattle were found about nine years ago to be tuberculous, proved both economical and successful. Pirogoff that" the exploration of the wound, either with the finger or with instruments, is only indispensable when the certainty is reached that the ball has become mobile, and has neared the surface. Iloldsworth, Esq., in the"Anatomy of Pithecia." The species dissected was probably the P. Gentlemen desirous of extending their chemical knowledge beyond the usual requirements of the Examining Boards, may obtain in the laboratory, which is situated below the class-room, and is open for seven hours daily, instruction in analysis, and the application reviews of Chemistry to the useful arts. Compound vinegar is made from almost any kind of waste sugar to or starch material, like stale bread, etc. Two months later the left eye became inflamed, tender and showed an acute ophthalmitis. About four ounces of blood was This method of controlling hemorrhage in originated with myself. The retro peritoneal glands were infiltrated. Various remedies, black wash, iodoform, etc., were used, but the sores became larger, and, at the date of a month after the accident, he came to me.

Is it not possible that in the shortest and sanest paper on the subject, warns against performing operations simply for chronic constipation alone, and strongly advises that in everv case in which operation is performed definite evidence of adhesions and obstructive symptoms be produced: he feels that, for such a serious surgical operation as removal of the colon, definite evidence of organic obstruction should be demanded.

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