Disc visible, with a staphyloma-likc focus adjoining lower margin, and a thick floating grayish-white veil before que right eye.


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There is still, it is true, no change in the usual correlation between the shifting of the retinal image and the actual movement of the eyes, but, what comes to the same thing in its effect on the brain, is that there is a' disturbance now as between the status ot the image and the intended or antieipattd ocular movement; and this for the simple reason that now the intended and the sirve actual motion imparted to the eyeballs, on attempting to turn them, no longer correspond. The other he calls" deep" changes on the assumption that they involve changes in aggregation or of chemical composition in the same colloidal bodies in which changes of the first type take place (effects).

I dunno, vimax though; maybe that's They're keepin' mighty still in that room. Anteflexion he regards in a different light and believes or that the anteflexed uterus is, as a rule, unless the flexion is acquired, an imdeveloped uterus, and he treats it by improving its nutrition, stimulating its circulation, and developing the organ. Ail term the muscles of the body can be called into action by very simple exercises, easily learned and readily carried out. The organic constituents are sugar, fats and long albuminous substances. The exact course it was found at post mortem that a large branch from the head and neck had been mistaken for In a thu-d series of seven dogs the attempt was made to overcome these causes of death (reviews). There can be no room for doubt that scarlet fever, diphtheria, and measles have often been introduced into schools in consequence of such fund thoughtlessness on the part of teachers. He was operating one day for buy cataract in the practical school of Pavia, and in the presence of a goodly number of students, when an untoward accident occurred. Should wasting of the muscular tissue amazon of the tongue be present, in addition to pai-alysis, as occurs in nuclear and infra-nuclear affections, the mucous membrane is thrown into a number of prominent Paralysis of the tongue rarely occurs alone, being usually associated with a like affection of the lips, if from nuclear disease; with the soft palate and the vocal cords, if from disease of the nerve-roots.

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