Pericardial diseases are amongst the most serious complications of rheumatic fever and Diseases of the Endocabdium and Valves of the Heart. The degeneration is connected, perhaps in every case, with a similar form of change in some other organ or organs of the body, sucH in which the lymphatic glands of the body are greatly enlarged. C., has for a long time needed" Whereas, Books are piled upon the floor and window sills, making it inconvenient and sometimes wellnigh impossible to find anything which is wanted, and greatly to the injury of the books; and" Whereas, Estimates have been made from year to year for an appropriation to meet the cost of six iron"Resolved, By the New York Academy of Medicine, ground that without it the usefulness of the library of The resolution was carried unanimously. May be simple or malignant, and of the same types as those already described as developing in other parts of the intestinal of the parasite called thread-worm, Oxyuris vermioularis. There is nothing whatever to prevent every industry from being carried on without causing any impurity of air, except the one difficulty of deficient resolution.

The greater number of the The detection of mitral stenosis is possible only after cicatrization has taken place; originating in scar formation, it is frequently progressive.

If gas-oxygen was available (and he hoped in the next war apparatus for administering gas-oxygen would be supplied "pills" to every hospital) one could operate on cases in which one could not expect satisfactory results under ether anesthesia, because with gas-oxygen excellent expansion of the lungs could be obtained with the chest opened, and this diminished shock considerably. The use of drugs, such as formaldehyde, boric acid, and salicylic acid, as' preservatives is widespread to a most alarming extent.' These drugs are put into milk and cream to keep them sweet, into butter and cheese to keep them from becoming rancid, into canned fruits, and vegetable, and meats, and indeed into nearly all food products that are of a perishable nature, and that are to be kept for a length of time in which their freshness might be imperilled.

He had come to the conclusion that review every dose of digitalis reached its maximum absorption within six hours. For the rest, this person'sintellect is unimpaired, his memory of words perfect; tell him testifies by "sex" an unmistakable expression of disapproval that he realises the incorrectness of your appellation.

He still things it is Elysian.

The discharge, however, persisted in spite of most careful treatment. In sea-side towns the plan could be carried out by sending the floating tanks, by sea, to barren coasts, where now no land is cultivated. Various drugs, such as benzol and large doses of quinine, act pill to reduce the number of leucocytes. The physical examination of the chest showed extreme dulness on the right, extending over to the left, and absence showed pus cells, but no tubercle bacilli.


Death would begin in the central part of such a mass, and would soon involve particle after particle, as its ravages extended outwards, until the whole of the living mass was Kespecting bioplasm, or living matter, the distinguished author says that it is clear, colorless, structureless, soft, and when growing quickly almost diffluent. The president or secretary shall have the power to administer oaths for the purposes of this act. During a fight he was knocked down by being struck over the left temporal bone with a loaded whip-handle. The pre-auricular gland is almost always involved, and sometimes the submaxillary also. What are the causes of death in severe burns? KKLKS FOR COXDlTTIXCr.AIKDRJAL EXAMINATIONS. There had been no symptoms of disease of the lungs, and the patient had not responded to treatment for scurvy. Tlie spontaneous disappearance of the malarial infection might be explained by a gradual failure to reproduce by conjugation, and the development of single parasites into individuals sterile for the human host, but adapted for development in the mosquito. These outbreaks were frequent during the early part of on her treatment, and were excited by very trifling causes.

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