T,, acting assistant surgeon, gianted leave of absence for Stier, Carl, junior pharmacist, to proceed to Memphis, Tenn., and report to the medical officer In command for temporary duty and MARTIN B. Phlorol, pyrocatechin, and other alcohol-like bodies; ammonia, methylamine, ethylamine, phenylamine, picoline, collidine, and other bases; cipla illuminating gases, such as acetylene, ethylene, etc. Of all the movements to" save the children" none is more calculated to arouse sympathy than that to help and save those crippled and deformed. Interesting as is this, and bearing directly upon the question, I propose to limit myself entirely to the consideration of the two aspects above referred to. The general condition of the patient was very unfavorable; the urine contained in the twenty-four hours four ounces of sugar. He had unfortunately abandoned the investigation of the matter soon had obtained in producing local anaesthesia by moistening the anode with a solution of cocaine, and the matter was then taken up by a number of observers. They have missed the best part of education, which is to have learned that the best rule in all cases is to make or to break rules according to reason, taste, and good common sense. Guaiakinol acts as an antiseptic, analgesic and febrifuge. It was also admitted, he said, that syphilis was the most important factor in the production of both diseases, while the closest relationship was shown between them in their etiology as regards sex, age, and social position and environment.

Bliss did his best from every point of view. While most of the operations for fibroma are given, no one of them is given in as full detail as is usually done in works on gynecology. There were signs of collapse of the upper lobe of the left lung.


In the first p'ace he has previously, but he then had an attack of dysenterv while at Hong Kong. It has isolated the active principles from many of the crude drugs, and has raised therapeutics to the high standard it occupies to-day.

The so-called crossed facial root apparently consists of fibers that arise in one half of the tegmentum and cross the raphe in the neighborhood of the knee of the facial fibers leaving the medulla with the upon the Achilles-tendon produced, instead of flexion of the in which the same symptom was present.

Also it bihouejj Recipe blode of a maid, as it is seid afore, to be which alsone after be drawyng out, or it be cold, niedle pulm's of als niich as of al be tober (side). One terminal of terra cotta is laid on the epigastrium, and the other of copper, in the form of a short stem, is passed into the stomach in the tube of a stomach-pump, and not allowed to come into contact with the gastric walls, by being kept some two inches above the tip of the tube. Manuscripts of John of Arderne in the 10 various Libraries, xxxv III. Sacce or pokette, and vnder it putte a brasen vessel to forsof, fer grow in fat party of fe legge a large to fe effects brede of ane halfpeny. The production of the cholemia in this case was in all probability due to two factors, obstruction to the common duct, and the infectious cholangitis, etc. Days, to take effect upon hisarrival In the United States Mercer, George W., hospital steward, now on furlough atFrampton, Ohio, is relieved from further duty In the division of the Philippines and will report on or before expiration of furlough at Fort VoGT, William, hospital steward, office of the chief surgeon, headquarters, department of North Philippines, Manila, P. At the autopsy there was found just beneath the manubrium sterni a tumor, about evacuation of this it was found to consist of connective tissue with a smooth internal wall, and to communicate by a small opening with the aorta. This is obtained by treating the concentrated and acidulated urine with from one to two times its bulk of ether for an hour.

It has analyzed our secretions and shown us the changes that take place in them when morbid processes are going on within our bodies. Delasiauve amongst the number, have been less successful. A rapid, weak heart, erethism and neurasthenia were contraindications for high altitudes. The treatment was found beneficial in a class of cases which were not benefited by treatment of the nasopharynx or eustachian tube or by operative measures in the middle ear. It maybe red, on section, or mottled red and gray. Tubercular adenitis of the larynx and tubercular ear-disease would also appear to be mainly due to infection cases above referred to the channel of infection was as It thus follows that respiratory rather than alimentary infection is the commoner in children in about the must also be admitted that the proportion of cases of make it very probable that the staple food of children, namely, milk, does play a part in the spread of the When now we come to examine the individual cases there are some which it is very difficult to explain unless we assume that infection has been through the milk. As we understand it, the State has no authority to inquire as to names or methods of practice, or whether large or small doses, or no doses at ail, shall be used. The head of the man shows gigantic proportions, in all directions defying all his hitherto collected anthropological experience. A preparation made essentially the same as 20 the Austr. The root is used as a diuretic and diaphoretic, and the leaves, mg which when young are eaten as. Whoever has seen the extraordinary permanent beneficial effect which the Nauheim baths have on suitable cases will at once admit that the introduction of these baths into the system of treatment of disease of the heart denotes an enormous progress in the right direction. In no case has any untoward result occiured, with the and in one case an increased hypersesthesia true that slight elongation of the spinal cord while greater elongation diminishes it, just as in the trunks of individual nerves? recorded in forthcoming reports of cases In respect to the influence of suspension curative effect produced is only another of many ciurious illustrations of the fact that which has been previously popularly and empirically known. At the beginning of this year it was approacliing tQ a perfect closure, the cicatrix measuring twelve inches in length. The Sakalaves, like the negroes, are free from secondary symptoms, but are more liable to tertiary manifestations.

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