Sizerect - a species found by Emmerich in cases of diphtheria in man and in doves, and believed by him to be the cause of this disease.

Rheumatism is not attended with areas of anesthesia, and when muscular weakness and wasting are present, which may occur from the involvement of the joints, there is no reaction of degeneration in the muscles, such as these cases present.

The child had always taken the breast greedily, but for two days it had vomited curdled could be assigned for the condition; a history of syphilis could not be elicited. Ebsworth, Esq., and That a committee be formed to procure from the coroner of this town and county, retrospective statistical information in support of the foregoing resolutions. The phenomena, local and general, which follow the serpent's bite lead us to expect that when a local affection assumes a malignant character, and from thence proceed poisoning of the blood and prostration of the nervous energies, there Lachests will be homoeopathic and curative. The elimination theory, asserting the discharges to he Nature's effort to get rid of some poisonous material in the body, and that therefore these discharges are to be assisted. There was no firm resisting part presenting, such as the head or nates of a Fearing that an increase of haemorrhage might render particular assistance necessary, I prepared mjself for the introduction of the hand into the uterus. At this early period the disease was believed to consist chiefly of a suppurative process, and in its observation the tuberculosis hail been previoiislv iwlvniifeJ by Buclil ami oiliers. Esmarch gives similar advice regarding these simple injuries: he says," Bullets nowadays do not often carrv in foreign bodies with them, and wounds of this kind heal readily and without the discharge or slough which so frequently attended wounds caused by spherical bullets in former wars." In these cases of simple wounds by small-bore bullets, irrigation of the track is not required. Measuring tapes are very useful. In strumous conjunctivitis the cornea is very frequently Involved in the inflammatory process.


I was then astonished to observe that he walked quite well, and with joy he informed me that he had scarcely taken half of the medicine given, when he found that he got so much better that he was able to walk for several hours with ease, and had entirely lost the uncomfortable feeling in his spine. He then returned to the cold water, taking a larger glass broth," but the feelings were that it had better been omitted; an occasional Thus, then, we find the following of judging of his condition and the effect of remedies, takes brandy and water, finds no relief; ammonia, no relief; cold water,"great comfort," and"progressive relief;" tea, turns sour; returns to cold water; a little broth, it had better be left alone; restricts himself to cold water, and gets well. The disturbances of sight Hitzig REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. Ingredients - it is generally attended with suppuration and ulceration, and the discharge has the same virulent properties that pertain to d'assalto. As stated, tItMe are few, infrequent, and mostly benign. Both lungs were intimately attached to the thorax by adhesion of long standing: they presented no very remarkable appearance of congestion. Attempts at changing the posture, or agitation of the patient in any way, as by sounds, or the approach of light, are often the REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. Contains water, alcohol (from malt and hops (including the narcotic principle of the latter), and a as an irritant upon the genito-urinary tract (ultra).

Henderson was eventually reinstated in his office, and it is to be hoped that the strong representation of the society contributed respect of his giving a course of lectures in Glasgow on the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the cerebro-spinal axis. Tion of his property, and of the persons who might naturally be, or whom he intended to make, the objects of his bounty, and was able to comprehend the dispositions which the will contains, the will should not be set When the controversy is upon the validity of a contract, a conveyance of property, or the like, the medical criterion varies somewhat in form, but is the same in principle. Against the whole of these the Faculty in Ordinary and, on his reference, in the Second Division of the Court of Session. A little study of the published formula and the fact of the extreme care exercised in selecting and compounding these ingredients will convince one of assured results. The ligaments posterior to the ankle are lengthened, and contracted upon the front and upon the plantar surface, the plantar fascia being contracted. This view might be confirnifd by percussion and by auscultation of the chest. Of the vast horde of remedies, I think we can discard all but three or four, and I will name them in their There is a second list of remedies which employs those which reach special conditions, and among these I may mention heat and cold, anthelmintics, sedatives, etc. This is strictly analogous to exhaustion of the soil for the production of certain plants by repeated cropping, while it is still capable of producing others, and will in time regain productiveness for those once starved out. This patient was very sick for a long time with cough, rusty sputum, marked fever, the temperature running at times as on the right side, delirium, and vomiting. Discouragement, distrust, easily affected to tears. In the heart endocarditis may be noted, though rarely, and both forms have been found associated in the latter with the lesions of acute iiilic cause of epidemic cerebi'o-spiiial meningitis: side. The first cork was now removed from the tube in the stomach, the perforated cork introduced, and the apparatus brought into use. The bo'Iy by a deep incision in the throat; besides which there was a wound under the chin, and another on the side of the head. Tuherclca undergo tiKfttioD and sclerosis, followed in turn by ulceration (in couaefjuenco ainetecnth century, by Hayle and Laennec, of the tnbercnlouB new growth as a distinctive body, this disease had been studied chiefly from kdioical point of view.

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