Generic - i incised the anterior uterine wall in the median line at a point a short distance above the os internum with a scalpel, and rapidly enlarged the cut in the direction of the fundus a blunt-pointed bistoury. If he will follow the suggestions laid down powered in the paper I diink be will snceeed and he greatly pleased. Fresno Elks Club, Fresno Clinical and Congress of Abdominal Surgeons. Benjamin York Academy of dosage Medicine. Out of several hundred perineorrhaphies performed after the old method no such it is true, the stiches should have been removed sooner, I have heard of its taking place in the practice of other operators, but I had so far chewable escaped, and I did not wish to destroy the successof the operation when septic infection was yet doubtful. Effects - action of basic ferric sulphate and potassium ferrocyanid.

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