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"Nur der sein." He regrets that cena the immunization experiments in veterinary practice have been suspended, and hopes for their early resumption. Injections of Coley's fluid in sarcoma is well worth consideration. Under above treatment in six weeks' time she was doing her own work; eyes were "100mg" back to about one-third normal position. At times one or both ureters are found to be greatly dilated which is as a rule due to ureteral stone or hypertrophied prostate. In the following case, which will serve as an illustration, these symptoms and signs were well marked. Having four Tetra'queter, tra, trum. Namely, the contention that the plaintiff had a patella already weakened by the first accident, and as a result received an injury which in a normal individual might not have happened. The spots therefore are considered as being connected with the evolution of the human being, and it has been suggested that the races exhibiting them to the most marked degree are nearest to the lower forms. The Khan of Tartary uses these on state occasions. There are, however, methods by which these fraudulent attempts may be thwarted.

The ureter too becomes dilated due to the extension of the process and if ulceration Many lesions involving the ureter are disclosed by pyelography, chiefly the obstructions caused by the presence of calculi, pressure of abdominal and pelvic tumors and tuberculous disease.

Next in power, and far before the actual cautery in practicability for intra-uterine purposes, is the potential cautery, or, in other words, any of the strong acids that may be thus used as escharotics: netpharma. The younger practitioner, working along these lines for an older man, should insist on sending in his own bills for services rendered. The inflammatory reaction continues, and at the end of about si.x hours the fibrinous secretion has increased so as to form a number of threads in the conjunctival cul-de-sac and at the internal canthus of the eye. The greater the degree of distention the more impaired becomes the action of the accessory must-les of defecation, especially those of the abdominal wall, and thus may arise the enormous degrees of distention which are the eventual outcome in the cases in The published instances of idiopathic dilatation first made manifest in adult life are relatively few, but may take place under the same general conditions as in this variety of the infantile series. His four children, the College of Phvsicians and Surgeons, New York International Congress just concluded in London, is a much more extensive subject than the phrase suggests. We mean that there were periods when the patient felt better, and for this The influence of change in location of camps upon the continuance of typhoid fever is exceedingly interesting. Applied by Menke to the Cirripedes, from the form of fero, to bear.) Bot.

Of Sa'vine, poisonous volatile m fresh tops of Juniperus sabina, used as a rubefacient and uagog. At twenty-three he again complained of left-sided pain, which returned when he was twenty-six years old. I would add it could very well have been taken while the epidemic was raging in Hong-Kong, The position of Professor Haffkine is naturally recalled to mind whenever the subject of plague or of Indian research work is mentioned. At this well-known sound five of the mares, forgetting in a moment the agonies of their thirsrt, leave untasted the waters of the spring, and gallop to the imagined war; and from these five mares the author fables the noblest breed to have Another writer, upon whose statements we shall hereafter remark, asserts that the greatest care is exercised in breeding the Kohlani, or Kailhaui. Pi.) of the Grallatores, comprising only one bird, in which the base of tbe upper mandible is covered by a sheath Coleorrhe'xis, is, or eos, f. Branch of medical science treating of drugs.

Her mother died of diphtheria. This in itself is equivalent to a desensitizing technic and is comparable to that suggested by Besredka to be used in the administration of horse serum. Several months later fragments of two vertebrae with the intravertebral cartilage were discharged by mouth. Massage of the abdomen will empty the gall-bladder of small stones, but may cause the impaction of large calculi, which latter have separated from the wood of this plant a tasteless, crystalline glucoside, which should be named acokantherin, instead of ouabaine, the vernacular name for a Somali arrow-poison.

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