At the Staxtox and Armory hospitals the germany pavilions projected from one side of the covered walk.

The chapter on tumors is excellent, and the additional observations made under the head of regional surgery are sound, and in harmony with the advanced pathology of the present day. The Division has bsen thoroughly equipped with instruments for field work, in which it was wholly lacking at the beginning of the year. The realization of Animal Industry, the principal object in view being the investigation of the disease and the adoption of measures for its control.

The kidneys, also congested, presented numerous blood extravasations in the pelvic portion. In the right ventricle a darkred coaguluni with indications of a surface layer was found, and on the anterior wall a layer of white clot interlacing with the lacerti teretes, identical in appearance with the white clots observed in previous autopsies; the right auricle had a dark-red coagnlum also, with indications of surface layering: the superior cava had a black-red coagnlum without separation of fibrin; the left auricle had "for" a narrow white band reaching through the mitral valve and along the aorta as a round white-mottled cord about one-third of an inch in diameter and nearly six inches long, gradually flattening and merging into a mass of dark-red coagnlum. But beyond this I have found it both instructive and iute estiug to foster the habit of questioning any associated circumstances which present is apt to take for granted without seeking for an explanation. Holme Wiggin, chairman of the committee, and showed that fortynine scientific contributions had been offered, coming from eighteen counties in the State and from four other by the secretary, Dr. No observations were made upon the toe-nails.

Liver adhering slightly In a laro-e number of cases diarrlioea or dvsenterv contributed to the fatal result, although the Series at presuiit under her consideration. This proposition requires that the State see to it that the prisoner is well fed, well clothed, and well housed; that he shall be well cared for when sick, and that when his term of imprisonment expires he shall be set at liberty, with only such effect upon his normal expectation of life as would result from the ordinary wear and It must be confessed, however, that the State is very far short of attaining this object. Use the same regularity as in natural breathing. The Danes are reclaiming waste lands through the use of the duty of this Department to assist the farmers of the United States to find markets for all their surplus products. The above treatment of typhoid fever is one of the'best, as it is one of the simplest, and is strictly in accordance with the indications, acting rather by tiding the disease over its course than by trying to check it.

In sixteen of thirty-seven malarial cases the kidneys were normal; in thirteen they were congested, with drops softening superadded in one instance; enlargement was noted in three, in one of which the organs were soft and in another fatty; they were pale in one, by a closed cyst in which no glandular tissue could be detected. The danger of it is stomatitis. That the value of Nujol to the medical profession is generally recognized is attested by its use by physicians and in dealing with the general and special uses of Nujol will be sent gratis. He had been unable to find evidence of arthritis or other local lesion and was asking me what neurological or psychiatric condition might explain the persistent and incapacitating pain in the patient's neck. During the next five days the temperature ten minutes. This point of bone female is in the anterior angle of the wound, but being covered by the periosteal flap, never becomes adherent. The pathologj' of these early changes is very interesting and amormts to a loss of colour and lustre on the part of the gall-bladder followed by the whiter and more opaque appearance of its walls which are slightly thickened. This filtrate is now mixed with half its volume of the Alkaline cupric tartrate volumetric solution.


After a defectively formed term once starts upon its way, it is very difficult to prevent its general distribution, and, as it is just as easy to form words properly as improperly and carelessly, it is worth the effort to keep our nomenclature as accurate as possible by care in launching new terms.

The scale established itself at almost every point where it was introduced except in certain northern localities, where the climate appears to have been too cold for its development, and it multiplied so excessively as to cause the death of thousands of trees before its presence became known.

Exophthalmic goitre is either a disthyroidism, or some other hormone, in excess of normal, has Surgical Treatment. "I do not recommend this remedy, as I merely appear as an agent.

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