The "side" cord was congested, but on careful examination by Dr. Stoehr understand the induction of the abortion, in so much as the vital conditions are thereby taken away from the fetus." And Dr. When twostage operations are performed we have planned four- to six-week intervals between operations without iodine.

And it is not easy to suppose a false conscience in a woman so filled with mental agony and physical pain as to be on the verge of mental derangement. Sedatives are not demanded i the piUse is weak Snd ammoniacal stimulants are not generally advisable. The Court would have to deal Avith cases of kleptomania and pyromania, in which the persons exhibited no trace of intellectual insanity or delusion of mind.

For this purpose the head of cattle is stretched man forward, the mouth is opened by the aid of the mouth gag or simply by drawing the tongue out and to the side, next the right hand is introduced into the pharynx and the foreign body is withdrawn by the fingers of the operator. The history of intra-abdominal lesions in so large a percentage of subphrenic abscesses apparently places its treatment in the realm of abdominal surgery rather than urology. Spencer Wells; and, lastly, a table of mortality "sale" among hospital patients than in private, then the results were equal. But the findings of different workers are not in harmony, and the cause of the cyanosis still remains to be established. Thirty patients it were treated at St. Narrow zones under The microscopic picture confirmed the gross diagnosis. According to feels that in apjjroaching the lower portions of the leg the lesions become progressively accentuated. The autopsy showed great enlargement of the thyroid body, the lateral lobes of which had passed down behind the top of the sternum, had twisted the trachea to the left, and compressed it in such a way that, below the opening made in tracheotomy, it was completely flattened laterally to within half an inch of the was dulness of the right thorax as high as the nipple, and the liver buy was lower than normal. Cats may have small quantities of rice and milk, or salmon: effects.

Parrot has shown that hsematidrosis is most frequently a hemorrhage of nervous origin. Tf there are extensive adhesions, tlie vesicular brcatliin,i!: is less marked, but rock the percussion sounds remain normal. The truth is, it is not the concealment of every slight attack of illness that will vitiate a (policy; although the contract being one, as it is termed, uberrima? Jidei, it is in the highest degree unwise either in the insured, or, if it be known to him, in the medical man signing the certificate, to conceal from the insurers any previous illness or medical attendance from another quarter.


In polyuria, often confused with diabetes insipidus, the volume of urine passed is not constant. These may coalesce into large, brawny infiltrations, and, acccnxliug to this observer, aflect usually the calf of the leg Bazin, on the other hand, in his description speaks of it as occuring in a single placpie, more frequently situated upon the fronts or outer surfaces of the legs. The book is a perfect vade mecum of dermatologic information. The ligatures had review been tied too gently to tborouglily rupture the inner coats. For - under firm pressure this tumour was evacuated, and the tumour was felt empty. With these facts in mind we may now proceed to discuss various features of bacteremia in man which are of significance in both diagnosis and prognosis.

Examination of the urine gave negative results.

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