If water is not given in abundance, heat dissipation is lessened. He believe d that there was evidence enough that the white corpuscles convey the poison, and thought the suggestion made of cxtirjiating the infected lymjjhatic gland a natural one, but he thought it an unreliable method, probalily because of the difficulty of determining in advance exactly when it will be successful.

On the other hand, when moistened with wine that has been artificially colored by fuchsiue or other aniline substances, the the wine has been colored by ammoniacal cocliineal, the paper becomes pale violet; when by eldcrljcrries or mallow flowers, bright green; when by logwood, the color of the husks of pressed grapes; when by Brazil-wood or scarlet grains, dirty yellow; when by indigo-extract, deep blue. This section was charged with the supervision and inauguration of prevention and control measures. Fish can accommodate or adjust the focus to see distinctly at four inches, and this power of accommodation is always lost after a tenotomy of one oblique muscle. For purposes of local anesthesia Kelsey does not believe in the use of simple water injections. REPORT OF THE SURGEON GENERAL OF THE ARMY. Herbal - however, it may be proper to add, that the perforating instrument should be introduced in the direction of the os sacrum; if it passes forward, the bladder, or the uterus, or both, may be injured; if it is to be introduced far up, to divide a membranous obstruction in the rectum, in cutting it should be moved not upward, but from side to side; thus you avoid wounding the prostate gland, or the vesiculve seminales, is a well formed anus, and perforated, but no communication with the intestinal tube, from the rectum being imperforated, if the child is not duly attended to, it dies in great agonies.

Siegel (University Institute of Zoology, Berlin). As the head emerged the vagina tore at the part corresponding to the pubiotomy wound. (See Key.) Deatlis, Eurojxj, by months, special infectious diseases. Felspar is fusible in lain its transparency,) melts into glass, a violent heat, but porcelain-clay is re His conclusions were confirmed by Fa- fractory in the highest temperatures that ther d'EntrecoUes, a French missionary we have it in our power to produce in in Ciiina, who sent, some time after, a furnaces. In nonnullis quidem ab capsule ea discrepare videtur. Hot fomentations are applied every four to six hours, and the patient is usually discharged on the third or fourth day. The plan of attack must be adapted to the particular case in question. As has been pointed out, influenza was probably epidemic in the had acquired an immunity to this disease when serving in the camps in the United States before they were sent to Europe. If too small, the continued heat compensates the kit inconvenience. It will not wander away and can be cared for by oneself This machine is cheaper than a horse in the city and much more satisfactory in every way.

He appears to issue of events to those who consulted have been an enthusiast of the worst or- them. He gives the literature upon this subject from the recommendation of Valsalva to utilize the Eustachian passages in the treatment of middle ear diseases down to the present time. , Our praises must be hills limited to the ani mal in its earlier periods, when most of the species afford a delicate nutriment. Capsules - the distinction, though not easy, is on the whole sufficiently clear. These results are encouraging, and partial thyroidectomy has apparently yielded better results than sympathectomy. The x ray burn, the most difficult of all burns to heal, is the result of a profound anemia of the involved tissues. The former is an index of the action of the heart, while the latter may be due either to local influences or may be part of a more or less widespread disturbance.


It is well that such instruction dealing with the psychical and developmental processes of the child should come from a physician who is himself both a neurologist and a pedagogue. Riippell that they had themselves the extraordinary length of its anterior seen the animal in question; and one of horn, not unlikely to have been the his slaves from Koldagi, on seeing the unicorn of Scripture.

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