With the laryngoscope, lesions of the larynx are absent, or limited to the paralysis of a vocal cord, from the compression of the recurrent nerve by the tumour. ("Erepos, different; yw)), a woman.) Entomol. (Gemma, a bud, or gem; forma, likeness. Furthermore, hard it provides that when a request or report of the Grievance Committee is apparently ignored by the local society because of diffi culty or embarrassment at the local level, such a report goes automatically to the Council. What, then, did this efEusion conceal? Apert at once performed exploratory puncture, in order to ascertain the nature of this pleurisy, and drew ofi turbid fluid, which was of nauseous odour and not homogeneous. Farr accepted small tokens from patients when they cost couldn't afford to pay. In the ulcerative stage the local symptoms become acute: pain severe, mastication impossible, deglutition difficult, breath horribly foetid, saHva profuse and streaked with blood, yet much less profuse than in mercurial stomatitis. Prior to purchase this time very erect.


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After each washing, the regions which are especially pruritic are coated with a thin layer of vaseline, with three to five per Jfervous Diseases and Electro- Therapeutics: Allan Baines, M.D.

Jay Goodman of Towson, Md., is retiring as chairman of the Fe, N.M., reports that cheap he continues to struggle with managed care. Term for general, complete, or toue or tension.) Mcd.,FathoL The siune to stretch.) Fathol.

True, we have not the large endowments lor scientific medicine which are available in Quebec, and in many other countries; nevertheless, with a zeal and perseverance truly admirable some of our young men are doing original work in the purely scientific field of the profession. F., prior to term, the aseptic bougie, introduced to the fundus and coiled within the vagina, may be employed to induce labor.

The best method is to give small doses of salines at the end of forty-eight hours, and if necessary this should be followed by an enema. In the more severe cases these act in connection with a constitutional pre-disposition or peculiar state of the buy blood.

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