Forty-nine days from the invasion of the scariatina. Barthelmy, in a paper upon this subject, read before the Eoyal French of the penis may be performed on the gelding without any obstruction of the urethra, a pipe should be placed in the canal, and, by rings affixed to it, sustained therein for at least two HYDROCELE, OR DROPSY OF THE SCROTUM, Is a very rare disease in this country. Thirty years' uniform excellence and recognized efficacy won the confidence and esteem of every physician who subjected it to test, and"Vin Mariani" receives the preference over all tonic-stimulants. The action of the remedy cannot be termed curative; the changes observed by me have been of a very unfavorable character, new ulcerative processes being set up in many cases.

The following otiicers are relieved from duty in the l)ei)artment they are now serving, ordered before the Army Medical Board, New York City, for examination JIiLLER, G. After the effect of the vasoconstrictor wears off there occurs compensatory vasodilatation with increased swelling of the tissue and increased demand for the medication.

This being the case, we may well assume that the gerrrls are origin; that some, retain their peculiar or climate, and that some even can (as in cholera), in a dry climate, in the form of dust, he carried by the wind to distant points, where, as they absorb moisture, they retain their power of spreading devastation." He treated his own cattle with sulphurous anhydride gas four times "review" a day, the sulphur for six cattle being about as large as a man's thumb, and burning for twenty minutes, the attendant being shut in along with the cattle. The mesenteric and retro-peritoneal glands were everywhere enlarged and cheesy, the average size being one to one and a half inch. Sometimes alvine evacuations mixed with urine and wine, are boiled with white mustard seed and ghee, or oil, and rubbed over the There are various causes that impede parturition: Sometimes the patient becomes afflicted with a nervous disease, and parturition is impeded by a contraction of the parts; or she may become insensible, and the life of the foetus be endangered. They all had a normal blood sugar before the dextrose was given: uk.

The great interest of the following case is the long duration of the disease, and the fact that the disease of the supra-renal capsules was predicted five years before death.

.Nny physician desiring to attend a meeting of the State Medical.Advisory Committee may do so by letting your wishes be known, and an The following table showing the cost of medical care considerable interest. I move that this number, as certified by the attendance slips checked against the voting list, constitute the voting strength of this meeting. In hemicolectomy (when the ileum is united to the transverse colon) this atrophy involves the adjacent small intestine also for a variable distance from the anastomosis: plus.


Lie seems not to know that, in writing, simplicity is the chief element of beauty, but falls into the error of so many writere who parade their solecisms as piivc.t de ri'sislnnre. When I vomited, which I did often, I drank again. If in this late period the symptoms are mild, the disease is ascribed to bile or wind, and the patient will The seventh, tenth, and twelfth days are always the days on which the fever is severe, or from these periods the symptoms diminish in severity. George Pollock said he had found bleeding most successful in cases of injury to the chest with fractured ribs, punctured lung, and pneumothorax. I hope that the facts, as above related, will prove interesting to my professional brethren, and beneficial to suffering humanity.

Further symptoms were central scotoma for color and form; general diminution of color perception; moderate redness and serious effusion of the optic disk and adjacent retina.

To the Members of The House of Delegates: The Maternal Welfare Committee has continued to auspices of the American Committee on Maternal Welfare and the American Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Palmer House, Chicago on December Illinois State Committee of which our Committee would a Suburban Cook County Maternal Welfare Committee which includes representatives from all hospitals in Cook County outside of Chicago. They took a slightly uncharitable view of certain phases of physician dispensing and certain prescription writing habits of some of the brethren. Wlaen the ligature has not been sufficiently tight, or the pouch so large as to require strong compression for arresting the circulation, it circle it embraces has been reduced, partly by absorption and partly by incision, and there is no longer any compression. He thouglit that his operation, which is performed in the middle of the sclerotic, should not l)e assimilated to tliat of Hancock, which consists in a puncture at the jiuiction of the coniea and sclerotic, just over the ciliary circle, and iu a very Possible source of Error in the Nitric Acid for the coloring matter of the Ijile in the urine consists in letting a few drops of nitric acid gently flow down the side of the test-tube which contains the urine.

Sodoly, Oliver, Margolin, Plenck, Morgagni, Remer, and Dr. Here are the specimens of pylorus resection from the first operation to the present. Thr with low temperature of the blood.

Describing in the fact that it can, not only focus parallel rays upon the retina, but also rays that diverge from objects as near as from four to six or eight inches from the eye. The question will again, we believe, be brought forward at the nest (January) meeting, when we hope the elder members of the profession will be present, and give utterance to their views. Known by pathologists that destructive ulceration of the cornea involved the ciliary nerves to such an extent that removal of the affected eye became necessary to save the one remaining unaffected. They feel, and in great measure rightly, that a physician who is not a member of the Society does not show a proper interest in his profession, or sufficient zeal in keeping abreast of supplement the advances that We would be glad to see every reputable regular physician in the State a member of the Society, and all working for the upbuilding of legitimate medicine and the overthrowing of quackery and incompetency in all its phases. This he wore for several months, but again we failed to secure In the meantime the boy had returned to his home.

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