By Cases shown by Sir William Milligan, M.D. For thirteen, making an annual mortality of one in members of the Merchant Company, which consists of the superior class capsules of shopkeepers twenty-five; consequently the annual average and Physical Management of Children. Not only is the conservative treatment of such lesions unsatisfactory, but there is also the constant danger of mis-diagnosing such a large lesion as benign when it is actually malignant since the differential diagnosis is very difficult in the presence of huge craters. Sir William said it was always a great pleasure to him to see the young men come up for their degrees, and to think that they were going out to reduce Dr. The trustees of our schools and maternities hold the highest trust existing in our communities, a trust that reaches helpless mothers and their more helpless offspring, that reaches the unfortunate in every grade of life, and humanity is their care. Different effects according to the organ ia Age, in particular, exercises very marked influence upon the degree of generalization of granulations, and Lebert observed with reason that tubercles are so much the more abundant and are disseminated through a greater number of organs, the younger the person and the nearer he is to infancy. These strands consist of at most one or two layers of very much Some underlying fibrous tissue is always present, although it varies corneal corpuscles in the substantia propria, since in no case has vascularization of the tissue been found. McCallum, of Toronto, teachers of Therapeutics, were appointed a committee to memorialize the Government in this chassot regard. The minimum space provided square feet. We found, after careful examination, no appreciable alteration in the region said to be painful. It is known that sulphuret of lead is the most insoluble of all compounds of, and nature itself presents an example which justifies the theory of Dr. Accidents are due to flying fragments, mining and quarrying having the highest percentage of severity in eye accidents.

Dean, formerly of Madison, Wis., was awarded a bronze star for participating months after reporting for duty as a member of the Navy Medical Corps. Weinhold determined to "caps" introduce through the callus, a seton overspread with some stimulating substance, with a view to excite inflammation and suppuration of the original length by means of extension, gradually and regularly applied.

The patient should imitate the movements of the masseur, so as to exercise the will power; rhythmic movements, timed by music, are of inestimable value for the exercise of the child's will and brain The Almost every surgeon who has investigated the subject of lateral curvature of the spine, has endeavoured by a theory, differing from that of his predecessors to account for three vexity of the dorsal curve to the right, and the lumbar to the Lonsdale, beside mentioning debility and faulty habits of dress, lays great stress on the greater expansion of the right lung and the solid resistance of the underlying liver as being a cause of rotation of the ribs. Man at the time of his birth is less equipped to animals, as a rule, are born practically into all the knowledge and ability they ever possess, and education, except in the most superficial sense, is with them an insignificant matter. After too full a meal, or after eating of an unufual fort of food, a perfon has always dreams of a certain nature.

He is now pursuing his investigations still further, and desires of his medical brctliren information with regard to cases that have Any reader of tlie Boston Journal who may possess such information, will confer a favor upon Dr. This, said he, is the one great fact which governs or ought to govern all this debate. Moreover, Bernard asserts that the sensibility of the injured side is increased. In military hospitals we find the condenser method a vast help in determining the broad question as to whether or not cases require operative interference. Before the expiration of twenty days, the fphindter mufcle acquired its proper tope, the pulfe became ftrong and regular, and the nervous tremors were conflderably abated. Membranous expansions and the wing-like projections. Completely convalescent from the disease of throat, It may be observed that in this case the same parts were involved as in the previous one. The sole specimen which I have had the opportunity of examining is the following, and, as will appear, it is of a mixed kind: centrally, stercolith; peripherally, enterolith. Woods, ophthalmologist in chief, Dr.

Strange and myself (all of whom examined the patient under chloroform previous to the operation, and confirmed the opinion as to the state of the pelvis, and as to the absolute necessity of the operation), at once operated, quickly removing a healthy female child, weighing seven and a half pounds. Here, then, as not unfrequently occurs, the amoebic abscesses of the liver were present without any indication of dysenteric intestinal lesions, either during life or at the autopsy. Strontium salicylate seems to have acted favorably in certain cases.


You may alfo change the poles in the human body pretty nearly the fame as you change thofe of a magnet. What are we to believe? In this maze of conflicting opinions, which we are led to believe are tinted by the economic interests of their proponents, we sought out some medical specialty that offered something solid, substantial, definite This seemed to be bacteriology.

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