K this repeatedly occurs the elasticity of the vesicular walls finally becomes permanently lessened and an overdistended condition of the vesicles is the result. Can any reward exceed in value the reflection that he has assisted, materially assisted, in imparting practical knowledge to multitudes of enterprising young men, who, year after year, leave our hospitals to engage in the sacred duties of the medical profession, throughout the world? Is it not a high privilege to be enabled to combat death, and conquer disease, as it were by proxy, in so many different localities? Can man enjoy a purer, prouder, more gratifying reflection? Wlien I hear that a favourite pupil who has acquired a solid stock of practical knowledge in this hospital, has settled in any particular town or district, I cannot help feeling, on the part of my colleagues and myself, that we have been the hmnblq means of conferring a blessing on the people entrusted to his care; and I cannot refrain from congratulating myself upon holding a situation which multiplies a.thousand fold our efforts to be useful, and enables us honours and rewards, or inflict punislnnent and death: they may, like Alexander, grieve at the narrow limits of a conquered world, and sigh for other scenes of glory, but they cannot chase away pain; they cannot bid the burning thirst to cease, or give back repose to the sleepless; they cannot impart feehng or motion to the paralysed, or sight to the blind; and above all they cannot imitate that almost godlike function of the heaHng art, by which man is enabled to recal to his fellow-man reason Gentlemen, the profession we have embraced is the noblest that can practised; but it requires great and persevering industry to enable the student to master all the difficulties that beset his path. A teacher, twenty-four years of age, of nervous temperament, and who had overworked for the past three years. The fresh pus within the customer bone was swarming with micro-organisms. She had sent for me as a physician, but told me at Home" and begged to know if it was possible for her to regain her lost consumer place? If not, she should take poison, for she would not consent to live longer the wretched days that had come to her. In - the following condition was found: THE BASE HOSPITAL, CAPE COLONY.

Buy - cough, no coryza and only mild conjunctivitis and photophobia, no complications. In the second place the doctor had told him that salt pork was poison to his joints, and that he must eat fresh meat, but australia she would get nothing but the very saltest pork. I think that in tlie future the digital method of rapid examination will become one of routine practice in diagnosis of diseases of these parts, and that the close aural relation of the iiaso-pharynx will become a more generally recognized element among the profession in the study of pathology and therapeutics of as evdence of the entire po-sibility of a perfectly healthy iiidiiidual becoming infected with constitutional syphilis from using the same drinking-glass with a person having constitutional syphilis even in its one C, whose nose is depressed and whose throat and by other sores on other jiaits of his lUDiitli and tongue," is told that he has a canker spot, and it is burned with lunar caustic; later the truth is told him, and mercury neck, nasal and laryngeal catarrh. Of late there had been no symptoms indicating inflammation about the joint, but the child has not been able to walk witli any freedom. He still thought it possible that equally good review results would be obtained by rest alone carried out to the very end. Monthly"New-Books" Catalog FREE on Request Correspondence invited on all book matters mon causes (reviews). The order profession is now called upon to ratify and support the decisions reached in secret conclave by a few delegates from the Councils of the two Colleges.


Section of the masseter pakistan muscle is made if its tense condition demands it. The Sections of Medicine, Surgery, Obstetric Medicine, Therapeutics and Pharmacology, and of Pathology, will uk be held in the Medical School, and the remaining Sections and Subsections in the Museum Buildings of the University. The healthy adult is rarely affected, but in the feeble, especially in those whose circulation is weakened, the disease is not rare, and may be fatal in a few days. It is well known to be produced by chemical decomposition of urine in the real bladder.

The patient had a good grasp and unimpaired extension, but of the left tibia, involving "pills" the knee-joint. The price pharynx was slightly injected. It is astonishing wiiat results are often accomplished within twenty-four or forty-eight hours by the mask and jacket.

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