The testimony which could be given in regard to the noncontagioiisness of leprosy is very great, and from all parts of the world. The officers first elected having been removed, others were appointed to their places, and. Such patients could be taken in and put on the road to recovery, or at the reviews outset cured, at a shilling a day, if there were adequate hospital accommodatiou and means to bay health for the poor. Now, to succeed in all these requirements, we must give the patient a warm bath once a day, clothe it with flannel, use gentle friction on the limbs, and expose the child to fresh air, even in winter, the last only for very short as it wishes, and it will be found that a change of rooms will be beneficial in many cases. Pill - gependanl on ne tuberculeuse; on sail, ea effet, que parfois les granulatioos miliaires se localisent au niveau symptdmes oculo-pupillaires persistaient sans aucun amendemenl; les douleurs semblaient plus abattu que jamais; de fortes excitations le sortent k peine de sa torpeur inlellecluelle; lui comroande-l-on de tirer la langue, il la laisse indeOniment sur les arcades dentaires, sans ni du sentiment; il n'y a point trace de paralysie ni de contracture. A case still more chronic than these fell under our care, not far from the same time. This gentleman will be thankful to his medical cause and condition of disease; name; age; sex; side of body; condition at time of operation; operation; progress of case and result; utility ot limb; cause of death and duration of life in fatal cases; date and place of operation; operator and assistants; remarks.

You will see a few such cases recorded on the chart. These when seen were circular, surrounded by great induration and with yellowish leather-like sloughs in their centres.


Keturning about an hour after, I found mother and child comfortably asleep side by side. Lard, is highly recommended for neuralgia. " Of more importance, however, than all this, is the mental and moral training must be managed with paramount reference to its health, to which every other consideration should be su))servient. Canule, celle-ci arrive au niveau de la collection ascitique: power. He applied his hand in such a manner" that the fore and middle fingers grasped the right section of the tumour; while the thumb was implanted on the left side at a point where the upper two-thirds of its length met the lower one. In reference to the use of cocaine, he had found that it increased the irritability of these structures, and its application to the erectile tissue may ultimately weaken the cell walls. During the past month the ratio of sickness in this locality has which prevailed among alt cksses, while the weather maintained its unbroken frigidity, makis this increase more apparent by the Among adidts IrAneaoty Congestion and Inflammation of the have cheapside also been soticed. This nervous kind generally comes on after excesses or fatigues; constipation and irritation in the bowels there is no fullness in the head-vessels; Eau de Cologne, one drachm in camphor mixture, one or two ounces; or the carbonate of potash, thirty grains, with spirits of sulphuric ether, thirty drops, in nutmeg water and distilled water, an ounce of each. Hence the Editors, adding another to the list of medical periodicals, which the American press is issuing in profusion, deem it their duty to offer to their brethren of the profession, some of the considerations which have operated to induce them to engage in such an enterprise, and to indicate their pathway through the field of medical literature before New books and new journals, as well as modified systems, multiply almost as rapidly as new doctors.' What does such of progress in medical research (mg). The more severe types of the cerebral variety are due to the dilatation of the cerebral vessels, both of the venous and the arterial systems, caused by both the mechanical congestion and the air which appears in the blood stream as it comes out of solution. Puerpery then starts under a peculiar blood-constitution derived from Such is the situation when labour sets in. Ritchie justly observes, had not the hospital been immediately available for dealing with the evil, the result might have been very disastrous. Of ammonia, and useful for purposes similar to those requiring the spirits of ammonia. Few cases require osteotomy, and Dr.

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