The suspensory ligament is liable to sprain from various causes, as from stepping on a stone, slipping, jumping, etc. When observed in the gross or ponderable state of substance, or the material elements known to physics and chemistry, this inorganic matter by virtue of vital energy becomes organic, lives, and has its being for a more or less brief period, when it returns by death or dissolution to its original sources, every atom of matter and unit of energy, the former, it may be, to be re-energised, the latter to perpetuate the potential qualities of living force or being, amongst the qualities of which are those of indestructibility, immortality, and everlastingness, all of which are inevitable, with the certainty of intrinsic necessity secured by the existence its unbroken cycles and circles of sequential association of occurrence and evolutionary determination. All members should understand that honorary membership in the Indiana State Medical Association cannot be established unless the physician has attained the age of seventy-five years and has held membership in the Indiana State Medical Association for twenty years or more, and he must be elected to honorary membership by vote of the House of Delegates after his name has been proposed for such honorary membership by the county medical society of which he is a member.

The House approved this motion. Almost invariably it is the second sj-mptom of the development of the malady, pain being the first. The former mav employ it, so that he can explore with almost miraculous certaintv tlie nature of his materials, while the latter can onlv expect to arrive at conclusions far from satisfactory; his deductions will be conjectures, and his theories, fanciful Uypotheses. This gave immediate relief, which was only temporary, owing to a recurrence of the keloid. The drawings of the cat bones represent the objects enlarged to twice the natural size: review. The external parts of the body, we apply the fofteft that the chyle prepared from them within the body and conveyed to the lungs may promote the fuppuration by their emollient and maturating powers.

Occasionally physicians who have been made honorary members of their county medical society take it for granted that they are honorary members of the state and national medical organizations and when they find the State Association is blamed for making an error in reporting the names. In one of my cases there was an apparent dislocation of the jaw and very severe shoulder strain following treatment. Discharge from the nose and enlargement of the sub-maxillary glands are nearly always present, but in many cases there may be, for a long time, no other symptoms presented, and such cases can not be diagnosed by mere physical examination, even by an expert.


Benevolent Society from taxation, assessments and water rates. We are often called upon to examine and prescribe for horses said to have the big-head, when it is nothing but an enlargement on the face caused by a bad jaw tooth. Coe; Observations in Regard to spray General Anesthesia, especially by the Schleich Mixtures, by Dr. The daily couch is very convenient to "wipes" a fatigued person: but even that, if contrary to habit, whether soft or hard, wearies. More important, then, than to study the deaths is to note the nnmber of aotual of cancer occurring, and I believe that the experience of every surgeon living will tally with my own in this regard. It is liable to run into congestion of the lungs if the animal is put to work too soon. Patterson, MD, Harrisburg Robert S.

The introductory step to the proceedings gentlemen who had been in attendance upon cholera cases would favour the Societjwith their ideas of the most effective mode of treatment. This is particularly true in the case of poorly nourished, emaciated, or elderly patients with long exhausting illnesses, poor circulation, or paralysis. The decrease in protein content of the serum is I speak of the diet first in the treatment of chronic nephritis because it is the most important single factor in the handling of these cases. The first stage includes the alterations which occur during the first three delay days. Occasionally a few drops of sterile boric or saline solution are dropped into the eye and the area is wiped with a cotton tipped probe dipped in boric or saline solution.

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