Pacquiao & Filipino Community Losing Respect World Wide & Fast !!!!

Subject: Pacquiao & Filipino Community Losing Respect World Wide & Fast !!!!



Pacquiao is starting to show that he really is a Loser as the Champ Floyd Mayweather said and so is the Filipino Community that has done nothing but make excuses for him since he got embarrassed by the champ on worldwide TV ! They Are Losing Respect World Wide & Fast !!!!

All I have heard and the rest of the world is excuses from Pacquiao and the Filipino community…. when there is NO excuse….All the Bad press and the fact that Pacquiao and his Promoter lied and mislead the very public that wanted this fight will no longer pay to see Pacquiao fight in small club fights or in the gym now!!!!

Lawsuits are pilling up against the pac man and his promoter Bob Arum and now even the very TV stations that put on the fight are being sued by disgruntled Pacquiao fans because Top Rank Promotions and Bob Arum Lied to the fight fans that paid all that money to see the fight!!!

So yeah that is my complaint and by all these slanderous remarks against the Champ Mayweather who showed up and did his Job is just costing Pacquiao and the Filipino Community their very respect they could have kept if they had just TOOK That Butt Whooping He Got On World Wide TV and went about their business! But No they had to make excuses when there is No excuse !!!!

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