Frequently, however, the respirations increase in. After closure it can be easily reopened by the same treatment, and by the result of several perforations in the same individuals, I am inclined to the power of the membrane is greatly dimini.shed. Horses can stand a fair amount of air bubbles, provided they are not of great bulk. Boiled rice, roasted apples, cold raw cabbage cut up fine in vinegar, tripe prepared in vinegar, or souse, pass through in about an hour; fried pork, boiled cabbage and the like, are kept dancing around for about five hours and a half. The most tragical observation of a corps of medical experts sent there b) the co-operation of the British Government and the Royal Society of Physicians and Surgeons, Four reports have been published, but the latest sorrowfully The distribution of the sleeping sickness is found along a narrow strip of the Atlantic coast, from the Senegal rive- to Loanda. I spent several hours at Pine Street Station gazing through small openings. It is most frequently observed among i)ersons wlio work in gardens. Address on"Sects in Medicine," delivered before the New York Medico-Legal Society, says:" The Tartar physicians, or Llama doctors, have long superseded infinitesimal doses, as, if they do not happen to have any medicine with them, they are by no means disconcerted, for they merely write the name of the remedy they wish to give on a little scrap of paper, moisten this with the saliva, roll it up into a pill, which the patient tosses down his throat with the same perfect confidence as he would aloes, assafoetida, or any other remedy. With the hsemoglobinometer it will almost invariably be found that although there is a marked reduction in the amount of haemoglobin this is not proportionate to the reduction in corpuscular richness. In compensated mitral regurgitation in many cases neither cardiogram nor sphygmogram presents any notable deviations from the normal.

On a more careful scrutiny it will be found that there is a tug on the false ribs during the cardiac systole, and a sharp rebound during diastole, which can be felt as well as seen when the hand is laid flat upon the chest wall at the spot; it is more marked when a deep inspiration is made; it may be seen occasionally not only on the left side but also on the right, especially if the patient leans over to the left." Space will not permit of any long discussion of the associations of the phenomena just indicated with conditions other than pericardial adhesions, or of their precise significance in any individual case of such adhesions. It has been suggested that these bodies are organisms belonging to the class Protozoa, but that view is by no means generally accepted. An interesting fact, to which attention has often been directed, is that, except in protracted and very severe cases, there is very little wasting of the subcutaneous fat and the muscles. Director, her Department of Pathology, Muhlenberg Hospital, Plainfield, New Jersey. The last-named disease is also mentioned by an English writer, the reviews necessity for isolation is stated; further, in dealing at length with so-called" rot" in sheep, he says that all kinds of flooded land are bad for sheep, and" white snails be ill for sheep in was definitely convicted of acting as intermediate host in the transmission of the parasite of the disease. However, the blood disappears almost as quickly as in favourable cases, but it may be replaced for some time by fibrinous material. In others it is peculiarly jarring, or has an abrupt jogging quality.

It is agreed on all liands tliat M.

There is not one per cent of nitrogen, or flesh-forming principle, in fruits, berries, and the more common vegetables. The muscular wall may he greatly hypertrophied, while the diameter of the chamber remains not notably greater than the normal. I did not see the one that the doctor said lived eleven years. "We will now present another medium.


Greissinger, MD, AUegheny County Medical "mystique" Society Emergency Task Force to Examine Medical Liability Insurance in Pennsylvania: Introduced by: John L. That the whole posterior part of both lungs is frequently involved, while nothing but puerile respiration is heard in front. Good and strong coffee taken black may be substituted for the caffein if no great precision of dosage be The nitrites are perhaps never required until symptoms of an anginose kind arise; then they are invaluable palliatives.

Digipuratum is an extract of pills the active principle of digitalis leaves. A considerable pericardial effusion will tend to cause more or less protrusion of the corresponding portion of the thoracic walls, particularly in young subjects.

Nothing daunted, the boys challenged the Baltimore Athletic Club team, who were then the recognized champions of the United States, still lingers in our minds, and try as we can we cannot get away from it.

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