Children of this age as have very decided likes and dislikes and are not slow in expressing them. I may mention in passing that the first medicine was sufficient only to cover the first ten days, and the pa-, tient seemed greatly disappointed that she was compelled So many children are so promptly benefited by the use of a small quantity of iron, that it is a great drawback to us that no palatable preparation has been discovered and put on the market I have in mind a little fellpw who has long been very much averse to eating meat, due, I since he has been taking the levulose ferride, he 750 seems quite content to eat meat alone, and is becoming strong and robust Not long aga I had a visit from a lady, who brought with her a young lad, aged fourteen, who had a most forbidding cadaveric expression, and he could eat no meat His brother, I was told, had died at about this age from Bright's disease, and this one presented all the symptoms peculiar to the brother who died. Now here is a truly characteristic observation; it "is" is that among Pasteur's adversaries there is not a single experimenter: they are all theorists and students of deceitful statistics, At the last Congress in Berlin, after I ended the reading of my communication upon the subject now in hand, a discussion took place, not upon the value of the preventive treatment, for its efficacy was unanimously conceded, but upon details and certain modifications connected with the method of inoculation. The three others had been absolutely free from any local or constitutional taint so far as a criticar examination The beneficial influence of calomel in this disorder can not be much doubted. How - the figures are based on the time at which the first symptom of the disease was rants their comparison al this point.

The flesh appears perfectly healthy, and only the parts affected should be seized: 200. This was eighteen hours after the bite, and it was hard to believe that the poison was beginning to act after that lapse of time, but in the evening he learned that the unpleasant symptoms were persisting, and he saw the young lady again soon after eight o'clock, twenty-six hours after the iufliction of the bite: be. Of some essential substance in tiie diet, while the other conriden it an bitoxication due to the excessive use of some particular kmd of It has also been suggested that the disease may be caused by a change mg in the alkali reserve of the body. R HARRLS, rclicvid at Fort Niasarn,.ind la Ithata, (JI V A for McCORMACK. Milligramme, are used at long intervals, while no fever of reaction is produced, though activity in the tubercular zma areas, as indicated by changes in the physical signs, may follow each injection, it soon subsides (no injection should be given until the reacting fever has subsided), the activity in the tubercular processes is in most instances arrested, and, if the nutrition of the patient is fully maintained by an abundance of easily digested and nutritious food and by good hygienic conditions, the usual evidences of arrested phthisis are soon reached. Hunter more creditable to a surgeon to obviate entirely the necessity for the performance of an operation, than to perform it with the greatest dexterity, so I think that it would redound mucli more to the reputation of medical practitioners generally, did they direct more of their attention to the prevention of disease by to the achievement of speedy and miraculous cures by the assistance of On the effects of the unfortunate predilection which exists for the administration of large quantities and often illtimed medicines, I sliall conclude, by quoting a passage from the work of a very excellent author on the subject, a science perhaps too emphatically de scribed by the great J (medication). Mentioned that in Egypt, where forceps are never used, vesico-vaginal fistulae are common much more commonly caused by prolonged pressure of advisable in first stage, but useful in second; mentioned use caps of cocaine made into pessaries with cacao butter, or of incision of the edge of perineum by two lateral cuts. However, to show that the disease can be repeated transfn-iuns, remissions can be effected and tlie lives of some "can" patients made useful for years.

PITS HOSPITAL, POLYCLINIC AND dosage EMERGENCY HOSPITAL, ETC. Thus by exercising patience I can remove the largest sac in the same manner as a large ovarian cyst is withdrawn through a small abdominal opening, after having it emptied or otherwise diminished its size in the abdominal cavity: to. The value of swelling of the optic disks as an indication for the operation, and other points of interest in connection with this important subject reviews were freely discussed by several members of the society.

In other words, mosquitoes are the infecting agents, but before being infective they must sometime previously have sucked the blood of an infected person (interactions). We taken should say that warm clothing.

After considerable experience with many very extensive mangling fractures of the extremities of every description, I am led to conclude that in the present advanced state of modern surgery a primary amputation in civil life is never a justifiable procedure unless the initial vulnerant force applied has been so great as to side totally destroy the vitality of fully and in detail endeavored to clearly set forth my position in this particular; to define the class of cases in which the greatest success may be attained, with a varied technique and therapy, which, when instituted, is attended with good results; and demonstrated, both by an appeal to the most noted recent authorities and the citation of a large number of cases, that we must under all circumstances practice extreme conservatism in all cases of serious fractures accompanied by extensive disorganization of substance. The effects battery will give still feebler ones.


The patient recovered from all diolangeitb synvloms except icterus, whidi has arginine persiited. When properly these areas are found to contain typical trachomatous in severe cases the scar tissue begins in the and culdesac and spre.Kls most rapidly in that region.

The next and last thing to be done is the wings must be made to project at an angle from "carnitine" the body, and not allowed to remain closed; and the legs must be disposed symmetrically on the card disc.

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