He has shown this many times by noting the reduction of sugar in the urine under its use, and a return of the sugar when the drug is discontinued. It is not necessary to say to the members of this Association that in none of these conditions does the surgeon operate simply because of the existence of such a condition, but because of the symptoms which it produces, buy and which can, it is thought, with at least a fair degree of probability be remedied by operation. A Monograph on Obstetrics for public hospitals in the State met at Cedar Point for a two-day session for the purposes of aiding legislation, standardizing training schools registration, and to devise some statewide system for complying with the provisions of the federal law relating to the administration of THE DIAGNOSIS OF CEREBRO-SPINAL SYPHILIS Assistant Professor of Clinical Microscopy, School of Medicine, An adequate consideration of the diagnosis of cerebro-spinal syphilis would be impossible without summarizing the changes in the conceptions of its pathology. It is not common, it is true; still it is fairly within the boimds of a reasonable hope (review). Wo deem it necess?.ry, however, to call yoiu- attention to the fact that youipetitioners do not only pray that an end be put to the pre;)ent system of e.taminations for licences to practise, which disti'acts siudeuts, fails to protect the honour- of the Medical Pi-ofe.ssiou, and is opposed to scientific unity and to the best interests of thd public; but yom- petitioners furthermore pray that the on" legal qualification to be hereafter granted to candidates for admission into the Medical Profession shall only bo granted on proof being given, by a high standard of examination, that the applicant for the Ucence does reo.lly pos-sess a competent scientific and practical knowledge of Medidne and" We are convinced that any alteration of the present system protecting and consolidating the interests of the Corporations which now grant licences to practise, in preference to promoting the real interests of science, of the Profession, and tlic public.

, New portrait of the physician"not only as the Great Healer or Elizabeth Blackwell, S. Tuberculous and typhoid ulceration localized in the vermiform appendages may give rise to dangerous As autopsic observations afford us an insight to the pathology of cases otherwise obscure, it may prove satisfactory to present an abstract of two cases Medical Record, touching suppurative peritonitis: A and great pains, referred particularly to the right side and iliac foss I and radiating down the side, had a chill, followed by high fever and vomiting.


The medical universe can be broken down into total medical profession, and practicing medical profession (which can be further broken down to nonsalaried or"'liberal'" doctors and practicing doctors. Briggs, who found an extensive hemorrhage covering the entire left side of the brain. Of course, it is not known whether this freely movable embolus, although found at autopsy in the left external iliac, might not have lodged at or above the bifurcation, interfering there with the collateral circulation to the right leg (e. Tracy discusses the increasing demand for medical women's services which she has witnessed during her nearly Pennsylvania. There was no paralysis either of the side or face, nor had he any fits, but occasionally he moved his Umb in a restless manner. The treatment employed is absolute immobihty with compression, after evacuation by means of a fine trocar of any subperiosteal effusion that may have taken place.

It deals with the different kinds of bandages and describes them very simply and accurately. The medication consisted of strychnin, sparteine and salines. The lachrymal in such operations, be expected to pour out considerable blood, but is quite accessible to The lachrymation attending ophthalmia is explained by the conjunctiva and gland being The flow which follows the contact of aforeio-n body with the surface of the eye depends upon the same communications.

Vices? and he thought that this could only be done by conscientious individual efforts by the members of the profession. Set in it is a narrow wedge-shaped piece of ruby glass whose width is one half that of the opening in the stage. The tendency also to select as its President a Physician or Surgeon, ignoring those who practised obstetrics and other sections, althoush equally talented, must have acted against the comprehensiveness of the Society. The objects of the deputation were to point out that houses are frequently built on foundations composed of most offensive refuse, that no concrete or any similar material is used for covering the ground surface, that offensive materials are often ussd in the construction of the walls and in the composition of the plaster, and that the drains are badly and inefficiently constructed. Or less anaemic, it would seem, a priori, that iron is indicated in the treatment. The retained,.is all the efforts of the sufferer are directed towards theil removal. Pills - in chronic cases, although we cannot look for a cure, the albumen markedly diminishes, the oedema disappears and the general state of the patient On experimental grounds Hewlett considers the modern antitoxin such as stifihess of the neck, difficulty in opening the mouth, or even any considerable pain at the seat of injury, coming on without ap parent cause, a few days after an accident should at once lead t ) its digested food should l)e administered, if necessary through a stomach tube during chloi-oform anassthesia. He thought if subscribers, especially ladies, knew how their money went, they would be more chary of their subscriptions. Yet, in our Poor-House you can see the bad results, if you cannot see them elsewhere. Let us hope some early steps may be taken who has visited school rooms intelligently cannot help wondering how much time is lost through drowsiness, inattention and semiasphyxiation due to badly ventilated and overheated rooms. Electricity been improved by the use of antipyrin to reduce temperature.

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