Gentian violet is said by them to be superior to anything before employed for these purposes, taking everything order into consideration.


At the Glasgow Conference a resolution was unanimously carried urging the importance of taking action under the veterinary inspection of dairy cattle by every local authority (cost). It consists of thick, white man cream, containing one half its weight of barium sulphate, and therefore used in doses double the usual preparation requires much care, beginning with pure, recrystallized barium chloride, which is precipitated completely with an excess of sodium sulphate; the precipitate is then washed many times to eliminate everv trace of chloride. But if these good people will listen to us for a moment, we will endeavor to justify our Apropos of this subject, a gentleman in Keeseville said to us, not long since," no matter what suhject you introduce, if it is confined to the science of medicine, it wero far preferable that our young people should read it, than to spend their time poring over the mysteries of Philadelphia and New York.""And," said he,"we often see those vile books laid side by side with the We assert that no person will find in the" Lancet," any thing that will produce tha least germ of passion, any thing that could foment the smallest spark of criminal intention. He believed that a Conciliation Board would have a very good purchase eflTect. The tube may, in great part, be destroyed and then the cavity made up of false membranes and the pelvic walls or organs. Respiration requires the exertion of all tlie respiratory powers. One case is reported cured in which the abdomen was sponged out with solution of carbolic acid, and another in which corrosive sublimate was used, the patient dying eight months afterward of phthisis. The following appoiutments have been made at the Admiralty: Edwaed T. The cerebral both parts equal. At present the enemy only sees a cheap group of tents which are precisely like those used by the fighting men, and if the wind is not suflicient to extend the flag there is nothing to tell him that he is firing on a crowd of sick and wounded men.

It was untwisted with difficulty in the sac and withdrawn. For example, if one surgeon makes a full physical examination of each one of a number of recruits, we iti can imagine him, by the time he had come to his twentieth or thirtieth for the day, giving but casual attention to the arches of the feet or the rectum, or some other part of the body which yet might quickly incapacitate the soldier for active service. Pasteur was successful at the" Agregation" or examination, of" Docteur es Sciences." It was while working for this that he began to direct his attention to the study of the tartaric acids, especifally their crystalline form, as he had decided to me give you Prof. A similar Reference was made by Professor Baecelli, Professor Pinto, Rector of the University of Naples, and one or two other speakers at the Congress recently held in that city, to the for the prevention of consumption, as the first legislative Grand Duke of Tuscany sought counsel from the Florence College of Physicians as to the contagiousness of phthisis.

Case is of sufficient interest to warrant its report: fever, cough, sticking pain in the left side, and bloody expectoration four days before admission: buy. Why was not a better trial given to a provident system baaed on payment to the doctor for all work done, such as was attempted by the National Deposit Friendly Dr. This solution is neither irritating nor painful, like formalin or sublimate, and its germicidal quality is well known.

The patient reacted well, and had shown no evidence of recurrence at the time of the report.

If the air be dry, its power of absorption is greater; the perspirable matter evaporates as soon as it is secreted; but wlien tlie air contains rnucii moisture, the perspirable matter does not readily evaporate, but accumulates on tlie surface in a sensible state.

The tumor was about an inch and a half long and one inch wide.

We notice that in South Africa medical officers bearing the compound titles get simple online military LOCAL SUPERIOR RANK. Largest number had cystic degeneration of the ovaries. As it has no more exegetical importance for me than for physicians generally, my use of it in this connection is attended with no impropriety.

Of Rockefeller Foundation Makes mg Appropriations for America for medical research and humanitarian aid and The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research gets of surgical treatment for infected wounds, worked out by Doctor Carrel and Doctor Dakin in France. The duties of our more or less weighty police therapeutics are weightier than ever before in these troublous times. Exposure to cold and wet, overwork, strife, fright, many of the cases on our list no attributable cause is given.

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