I. T. Company Peaceful Computing In Las Vegas, Not So Peaceful Or Trustworthy

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by Michael Brock (mbrock@lasvegascomplaints.com) on Friday, April 4, 2014 at 22:45:14 ————————————————————————— company: Peaceful Computing Las Vegas Nevada Category: Other Comments: I hired Peaceful Computing in Las Vegas Nevada A I. T. to build my email system www.pinkmail.org ( A Free email System For Breast Cancer Awareness) from the start this company and it’s employees lied to me and over charged me for services I did not need and continued to do so to the extent that I had to get other I T companies to oversee what they said I needed and paid for which never added up. Peaceful Computing built my website and email system so no other I.T. company could or wanted to take it over…. I tried believe me …then I even tried to work with them through all this and all I got was months of delays lies they was to busy and wasted meetings with James there new GM who was one of the orignail developers of my system. Got nothing but lies and stalls from this guy promises and phone calls not returned or kept. This has been the worst expernice I have ever had with a I. T. company in Las vegas Nevada, “don’t use this company” Peaceful Computing and If you are or have used them and had problems with them like me then contact me as I will be suing them in the coming weeks…This is a very non tustwotrhy company so don’t do business with them and if you are you need to have another I.T. company check their work!!!! . Peaceful Computing in Las Vgas Nevada is a bad I.T.company don’t trust them or give them any money……!!!!! Michael Brock CEO MAB Ltd/Pinkmail.org Mbrock@lasvegascomplaints.com 702-372-2375

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