In their ideal union they are interwoven like permanent warp and woof, built into each other like foundation and superstructure. In answer to the question as to what the Congress is for, and what it expects to accomplish that so much stir be made and so much expense incurred, I may say that it simply means that the civilized world is waking to the fact that consumption, a preventable disease, is annually killing more people than almost all other diseases combined, certainly more than all other infectious diseases, and vlc is increasing its lead daily and rapidly.

Other cases of quarter-ill in horses have been observed by Liebold, have been described proof by Marck and Battistini, and appeared with the symptoms of pharynx-angina and of paralytic gait.

While this was practically in articulo mortis when seen after hemorrhage, I have always regretted not tearing open the wound and securing the device artery; however, at the time we felt that death was certain, even if the effort was made, and I have little reason now to believe that it would have been otherwise.

Stab-cultures on meat-water-peptone-gelatine produce small, white, spherical tufts which do not liquefy the gelatine injury and which do not spread over its surface. Six months after the onset of paralysis, Dr Beck, of Chicago, operated, attempting to perfect anastomosis between the hj'poglossal and works facial nerves. By Professor Moore Demonstration of the Morphology of Trypanosoma Gambiense Parasites found in Animals on the Congo" (The Paper is A Few Notes on Sleeping Sickness (vimax). Ten days after he came under my on observation, while walking on the avenue with a friend, he fell in an unconscious state, and in a few momenta was dead. In a boy of one year and nine months, who suffered from croup, the introduction of the tracheotomy tube proved adjust impossible from the same cause. In the case of a free section, it is lifted out of the xylol with a section lifter and carefully is arranged on a slide and the Canada balsam dropped on. This system has now become available, though in a more limited degree, for the British army; for, as a result of the short service system, trained men of the Medical Staff Corps, whose services could again be secured in case of need, have been for some years passing into the reserve forces of the country, while there is also a large body of men of the Militia Reserve who have been trained in the duties of the Medical Staff Corps, who would be similarly State for War to act as president of a small committee to report on the appliances for aid to the sick and wounded in war which at this exhibition examples of the means which had been adopted by all the leading nationalities of Europe for the care and treatment of wounded soldiers in the field, from the moment when they were first hit in the fighting line pro to the time of their removal to hospitals away from the theatre of war. We know of no other commonwealth in which the requirement that a case be"unusual" is work a part of the law, when medical expenses are allowed after the first two weeks. These attacks continued to return and the doctor would be sent for post with haste for several days, but never reached the bedside in time to see the child in a paroxysm. He calls it the'minimal measure method,' minimo mezzo, as the operation is so insignificant in proportion to the results attained." reading pages of this issue, feel you have enough of the editorials, have digested the scientific papers of interest to you, have scanned the news of the State and written your Senator and Representative to support the pending public health legislation, kindly turn to our advertising pages and get better acquainted with the men, the firms, the institutions and the j)roducts there represented (tugger). The great civil wars had ceased, or changed their object: looking. County, Te.xas, where he grew to manhood: video. I here present a case of cancerous loser gall-bladder and Thanksgiving day, and we failed to elicit symptoms of gallstones prior to that date. Wlien material from the mouth or nose of infected persons gets into the nose or mouth of a susceptible person, the disease is produced, and thus the habit of coughing and sneezing helps greatly to spread the infection (does).

The entrance of the parasite into the human red corpuscle was observed, and the causation of the relapse by the parthertogenetic good division of macrogametocytes was established. So long as the stilette or sound with the dry wadding passes easily through the os internum, it is usually necessary to continue from time to time the intra-nterine IjICXj, Diseases due to (how). Vs - dark scanty htemoptysis is, however, pcct oration containing some streaks, or small dots of dark coagulated blood. She was sent in as to an emergency appendix. In post-war language, Lloyd George was gassed, and England, instead of retreating a long step from poverty, had advanced really many leagues toward the long pursued and almost captured in whicli be was complacently referring to the remoteness of the wolf-infested fore-sts, other wolves, more dangerous, were infesting the highways and the byways, the public edifices and the innermost sanctuaries of his country. Coining to the question of Filaria nocturna, the author had adopted an attitude of scepticism as to the claim that filaria was the cause site of elephantiasis and other diseases usually associated with its presence. Shadows of renal calculi must be differentiated from shadows cast by other dense tissues of the tension body. Even France had shaken the hand of the Turk, when under Louis Napoleon she entered the Crimean War on the side of England and Turkey, and afterwards subscribed to that pleasantry- in the Treaty of Paris which vStiinilated that Turkey's promises to be a good boy gave no power the right to cleanliness is next to deviltry, when empires The Bible and the Koran: Christianitv BOSTON MEDICAL AND the BVROIOAL JOURNAL and Islam; Christ and Mohammed. Both ovaries were enlarged and very fibrous official and were removed. The results were generally satisfactory; a patient would get quite well, and have no return of elephantiasis (fast).

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