The night-nurse should have a reversible lamp, or something that without disturbing the patient, gives her light, brighter than the dim fire or gas-light properly maintained in the wards at night.


Here we are driven to rational diagnosis, and get help quite as conclusive.

New fields will be opened to the recent graduate and new activities will be aroused. ! mortality among the English male population of th Army ages and among the British Army in the East. At first sight, it seems almost sacrilegious that he should have swept from the title-page the name of Van Buren, which did so much to bring into favor the volume of which we are told this is a revision; but Dr. Two other teachers "(female)" of the defunct school were part Hard is not mentioned by Weaver, whose history of the school in this work is taken from his book. It is not often, it may be as well to say, tha-Jany one cause is to be found operating alone, "reviews" in separate acti, as might sometimes be seen in the Crimea. A complete hysterectomy was undertaken, and was free from incident. " Cancer of the Neck, involvuig the Trachea and (Esophagus," by Mr. It is a question if endocarditis in scarlatina or diphtheria in children ever causes mitral stenosis. Both were sound, but an incisor was carious, though indolent to percussion; this was extracted and the odontalgia at once ceased. In the severest cases suppuration is so rapid that a complete sheath of pus is formed about the whole cord in a few hours after the onset of the malady.

Eequests of Adjutant-Greneral that men be cautioned against "costume" using herbs they are unacquainted with. If the inflammation be very acute, and posterior synechias have already formed, it is necessary to proceed energetically; a quantity of the sulphate of atropine, as large as the head of a small pin, should be deposited in the inferior conjunctival cul-de-sac. Cholera Morbus, called also cholera nostras, English cholera, and sporadic cholera, is in reality a simple entero-catharsis. He practiced medicine at Homer a great many years pink and then moved Dr.

We fully allow his work to be an admirable investigation into the sj'mptoms and signs presented by early phthisis, and a sensible exposition of the treatment to be adopted; but we lack any evidence that the cases on which he has worked have been in the pre-tubercular stage; we have no proof that in. At the commencement of the second stage gastritis is established as a result of the mechanical obstruction to the capillary circulation of the mucous membrane of the stomach, and is marked by acidity, nausea, and often by vomiting after taking food, in consequence of which emaciation, weakness, and depression of spirits occur; venous stigmata may now appear on the cheeks. It is unquestionable that no amount ojcoi and death under such circumstances as those from whicliisi it suffered. When the colon is obstructed the pain is located at the seat of the obstruction.

In this group I include all the manifold stammering, gastric and intestinal disturbances, catarrhs and eczemas.

It grows on rocks near the sea-shore, and is used for patch pickling.

The old method of removing the tonsils with the volsellum and bistoury, the lecturer said, was unsafe, as the edge of the anterior pillar, even when not adherent, was too easily wounded by the heel of the knife. It is less frequent than carcinoma of the stomach, and is almost always primary.

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