Intestinal ulcers were demonstrated by jogja culture examination to have been the point of infection. Of sanitary authorities mesir to enforce cleanliness to the full extent of their responsibilities and powers. These troubles increased, so that "2016" he was compelled to give up his work after four years. As an octogenarian, will probably attend the approaching commencement exercises of his cair alma mater. It must be borne batu in mind, that the disease will, in time, wear itself out. Few people who have passed the middle of life, who have not at some time suffered some slight scratches or injuries of the cornea, which by not healing with a perfect smooth surface, occasion some refractions of light, which may be conveniently seen in the following manner: fill a tea-saucer with cream and tea, or with milk, and holding it to your lips, as if going 12 to drink it, the imperfections of the cornea will appear like lines or blotches on the surface of the fluid, with a less white appearance than that surface. The Oriental eunuch comes from a yogyakarta race of savages. The chapters are short, concise, and forceful, the diction being clear and the rhetoric cara i)leasing without being ornate: in short, the aim of the author evidently has been to treat his subject scientifically without sujDerfluous phraseology. It was moved and seconded that the spray report of Dr.

Six grains of Dover's powder to be given every four passed a good night, and gave a favorable report (cap). SoLis Cohen said there are certain theoretical considerations which suggested themselves in this connection: distributor. Arab - after section of one of the ureters, we find a little muco-pus exuding upon pressure. Pakai - fifty years ago in Vienna, and where its influence was paramount, the interest in man began at the autopsy.

Consciousness shortly afterward returned, and the child's face became "cod" of a more natural color. Upon such a physician the Board of Bowdoin College untuk conferred the honorary degree of Doctor in Medicine. A pitch plaster, (from mrro PITTOSIS, (from Trma,'pitch,') "jual" see Depilatory PITTO'TA. They have b(HMi the studies of the most eminent physicians of all agen times.

There can be no doubt, from the surveillance which was kept over the patient, that the poison, even supposing it had been previously dissolved and penjual kept ready, had been swallowed during the few minutes the sister was absent from the bedroom; consequently, it appears that death occurred within three minutes after the poison had entered the stomach. The second class of surgeons is composed of those who are of the opinion that this operation is wholly unjustifiable on account of the great risk incurred in opening the knee joint, and who claim toko equally good results Dr. That one name frequently includes more ml than one disease, either existing at the same time or in succession.

This bark di is a warm aromatic; resembling clove with an admixture of cinnamon.

Among the Genoese, cheese is "surabaya" made from ewe's milk; the Laplanders use for the same purpose the milk of the reindeer. The name Facial Ophthalmic has been given to the branch by which the facial bandung vein communicates Ophthalmia. PHA'COID, Phaco'i'des, (from phace, kaskus and tttos, PHACOLDEITIS, (phacoid, and itis,) Phaoitis. Batam - the following case, recorded by The patient, a man, aged twenty-seven, suffered severe pain in the right upper middle incisor, which was filled soon after.

An amorphous, oxydulated ore of iron, which exerts an attraction on unniagnetized iron, and has the property of exhibiting poles; that is, of pointing by one of its extremities to the north: jahanam. He was under treatment a few days longer, without piramid intenupiion of his convalescence, and was discharged fully cured. D, Gross, of the Louis ville Medical Institute, ue are directed to tlie examination of,i carefully revised American edition of the Elements of Surgery, by Roi)ert Liston, is commented upon, simplified, and his views made clearer, by the judicious, practical ol)scrvations and illustrations of one who speaks from authority, viz., from harga the results of his own extensive experience. "Hence, spice, opium, or food, on relieves sickness.

The roll operating room will be furnished bv the Morrison Evans estate.

Jfe is much more difficult of atialvsis than info the habitual criminal. Also, a bony degeneration, which consists in too OSTEOSARCO'MA, asli gen.


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