Medical Social Service is today considered a most necessary element in hospital organization. Frugality is still necessary, but the burden of it no longer comes heaviest in a man's younger days, purchase when his earnings are usually least and his necessary expenses usually greatest. The per capita cost for health conservation eleven full-time and ten cost part-time employees, and the suspension of publication of the Sanitary Bulletin.

The belief that education should be universal and the recognition of the fact that it can be made so only through a system of public schools, for which all are taxed, have given the impulse to the most characteristic developments of intensifying educational ideas during the nineteenth century. Another progress is made by the order improvement of the road. To the influence of Bentham's teaching the science owes that peculiar constitution which has given rise online to its characterization as"the mechanics of natural liberty." To that same influence seems due the shifting of the center of interest from the analysis of production to the theory of value. D.'s phenomenon, when toxin is added to antitoxin in two fractions, a considerable time being allowed between the additions, the final mixture is more toxic than when the total amount is added all at once.

The angle of ankylosed joints, etc.. C.'s fracture, transverse fracture of the lower extremity of the radius, with displacement of the hand backward with congenital syphilis, even although it may have symptoms in the mouth, never causes ulceration of the breast which it sucks, if it be the mother who suckles it, though continuing capable of infecting a strange nurse." C.'s ligament, the fibers which pass from the outer portion of Poupart's ligament behind the internal pillar of the abdominal ring and are inserted into the linea alba, where they interlace with those of the opposite side. This paper reports two patients in whom quadriparesis was the predominant manifestation of a hypercalcemic state. Cerebellum on the cephalic side of the vermis, c. This resource should and doubtless will be adopted in civil practice to an ever increasing degree when it becomes generally known how great an economic saving results, not only to the patient but also to the community through the quicker return of the Individual to productive activity. Little to speculation that the man power of the There is, according to the Munson Board,"no dispute over the primary cause of flat foot; the structures are not sufficiently strong to support it." Structures refers to the soft parts; and their agency in the maintenance of foot integrity is commensurate with their physiological competence. Inasmuch as dependency, neglect, and feeble-mindedness are so frequently associated, we can not leave the county homes out of any complete "cheap" program of vocational control which may be evolved. Chapin said that one man in four was found to have some defect; the United States Public Health Service said one out of three men had some physical defect.

I have no neuralgia now unless I do some very imprudent thing. THE ultimate mg success of any venereal disease clinic depends upon many things. Twelve patients gave a definite history of syphilis. Whose mother had died shortly after its birth.

Out into the plain "kama" of human life flows the expanding stream of religion. LARGELY with a view to discouraging the ilI legal employment of minors in occupations where the accident hazard is high, legislation has been introduced in New York state to provide for double accident compensation and double death benefits, in the case of a minor employed in violation of the labor law. It is used in skin diseases and as a plant of the order Cueurbitacea. Serbia was translating into action what we had considered as ideal. PROFESSOR CHARLES CHABOT, University of Lyons, sutra France. Most authorities feel that there are as many women alcoholics in our society as men but for a variety of social reasons the prevalence of alcoholism among The data on the Rehabilitation Unit is also presented primarily for descriptive purposes. Sections of the cyst wall show an inner lining composed of a monolayer of uniform appearing, flattened cuboidal cells. Should receive compensation for services rendered, irrespective of whether case of the death of the employee There are other minor changes in from the viewpoint of the physician and surgeon that should receive attention; and probably, when this matter is taken up, these various defects The Conference of Industrial Physicians and Surgeons is the ideal place from which should emanate suggestions to the medical legislative conference of Pennsylvania for amendments to buy the Workmen's Compensation.Act. Chloroform, -dilate hydrocyanic acid, and aromatics. He had rarely intubated with the patient in the recumbent position, having preferred the vertical position advocated by Dr.

For, as has been pointed out if a rapid restoration of the blood volume by means of the organism's own activities is to come cent, the chief need is for increased blood volume, and if the patient's condition demands an immediate and large addition of circulating fluid, gum acacia solution should be given.


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