Filipino Men More Violent Toward Women !!!!!!

Filipino Men More Violent Against Women !!!! WoWWWWWW !!!

Statistics on violence against Filipino women[edit]
There are different trends in the number of violence against women cases from different government agencies. The number of VAW cases reported to the police increased sevenfold, from 1,100 in 1996 to 7,383 in 2004.[1] In 2006 a total of 5,758 VAW cases were reported to the police.[2] In 2008 the number of VAW cases reported to the police rose by 21 percent from the 2007 report.[3] One of the worst forms of violence against women in the region is human trafficking.[4][5] According to the 2008 National Demographic and Health Survey conducted by the National Statistics Office, one in five Filipino women age 15-49 has experienced physical violence since age 15.[6]

Violence Against Women & Children

in the Philippines On the Rise; WeDpro Calls

Collective Action

Author’s name:

Igor Dela Pena

Manila, Philippines

More and more women in the Philippines are being abused and subjected to acts of violence, with one in five women aged 15 to 49 found to have experienced physical violence, while one in ten women have experienced sexual violence.WoWWWWWWWW

But the Filipino Community Is harping and bringing Mayweathers past up....Get A life will you and shut up and Stop being so violent toward your own women before you preach about this !!!!!!!!!
This is my complaint !!!!

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