The burned areas show little or no tendency to contractions previous to healing or epidennization, but contractions rapidly develop with epidermization, and may be extensive and deforming by the time the whole area is healed. The principal questions to be answered by those who essay to talk on the value of blood pressure estimations are: What importance has a routine blood pressure examination for the general practitioner? Can he expect significant aids in diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment? Does the sphygmomanometer enable him to practise medicine with keener insight than without its assistance? These are all pertinent questions and must receive thoughtful consideration, for unless it can be definitely shown that the sphygmomanometer is a scientific aid in medicine, the general practitioner is perfectly justified in being skeptical about its advantages, and regarding it merely as a toy of no great value. In one of Booker's cases there was a membranous deposit on the tonsils on the second day of the disease, and buy two days before the appearance of the scarlatinous rash. This also applied in using vaccines in case of sinus disease and inflammations of the mucous membrane of the nose. JleMjhed, That the history of the American Medical Association for the past few years lias developed the fact that iinjiortant changes in its organization and government are required to secure its perpetuity and Resolved, That the following are among the more a change in the By-Laws of the Association as will keep all ethical questions as far as possible out of the public meetings of the Association, and tliat, in our personal and ethical character directly to a judicial council for decision, would best accomplish this oliject; district medical societies, and the medical departments of the army and navy, shall be permitted to send delegates to the National Association. We regard as suspicious of bacillary dysentery a stool that is rich in cellular exudate, mostly of a polymorphonuclear nature, one that is strongly indicative of an acute inflammatory process and of toxic necrosis. Charlotte Corday beyond the tomb. In the following fonns of headache he has used ergotine author presents ten cases of ejiilepsy and insanity in which marked and beneficial effect was noticed following the use of Squiblj's fluid extract of ergot and ergotine, either alone or in comljinatiou with sulphate of quinine and other remedies. The alveolar contents were rarely hemorrhagic, consists chiefly of polymorphonuclear cells, with here and there a few large though sometimes a few red cells were seen. In this way, the theory and practice of prosody, so long at variance with each other, will become reconciled. Deformities of the body, typical of mental and moral cheap aberrations, are seen in every household. There may be slight cardiac hypertrophy with the resulting accentuated second aortic sound.


Even.where there is no apparent mixture of physical characters of one sex in an individual of the ojjposite sex, the mind of some men is elfeuiinate, while that of some women is masculine. This is certainly contrary to author in that he regards soluble iron as a specific, and recommends regular walks in the open air (mg). Also, we have no experimental evidence that such diseases increase susceptibility to measles, mumps, scarlet fever and the others.

Year after year we have the same of tlie Temperance section.

On standing, the material middle, turbid, yellowish layer; and a lower, consisting online of starchy In order to determine that supersecretion exists, the stomach contents are removed in the evening, and the viscus waslied out thoroughly until the water is no longer acid in reaction. Epidemic catarrh in the medical district of Grong- in Bloody, watery, or other discharges from the ears, nose, or mouth, as signs of fracture of the base of the Amputation at the thigh for a meduUaiy sarcoma of Case of fractured riljs, emphysema and pneumothorax, Case of compound comminuted fracture of the.skull, jjigation of femoral artery for large aneurism of the Case of dislocation of the femur downwards and forwards into the thyroid foramen. All the works of Shakespeare and of Molicre are not of equal value; and even the finest of them is not impeccable; and a literary critic who has a scientific sincerity will not gloss over the minor defects, whatever his desire to concentrate attention on the nobler qualities by which Shakespeare and Moliere achieved their mighty fame.

In addition to undenialjle signs of disease at the ujiper cervical region, there was also a secondary development of the disease at the last dorsal and lirst luml;)ar vertebrae. Glimmer, shimmer, glitter l arc also in Stifter is like that in Cooper; the changes which lie has introduced into the geographical relations of Blockeiistein Lake can be explained in Stifter is closely patterned after that of the castle in Cooper, land. " His feelings seemed to have the freshness and naturalness of the woods, in which he passed most of his time." His fine, unerring sense of right is perhaps the most distinguished trait in his moral composition; his fidelity is firm as the rock that no storm can shake, treason is for him an utterly impossible thing. Lesions cliaracteristic of acute suppurative peritonitis, without any lesion of the abdominal organs or of neighboring parts capable of Laveran states that the diagnosis of acute rheumatismal peritonitis would seem to be a proper one for the case, purchase except for the fact that an examination of the pus found in the abdominal cavity revealed the presence of streptococci in great numbers. These symptoms usually occurred in cases with an increased systolic blood pressure, or in those showing conspicuous damage to the aortic valves or aorta.

Jules Claretie, in his lively and picturesque chronicles in the Temps, and re-edited by Philippe Gille, at the head of his Reminiscences of his grand-father Louis-Frangois Gille, reminiscences known Mr. Senile tuberculosis is characterized by the chronicity of its course; it lasts, in these subjects for years, instead of months, before destruction of the joint takes place. These bacilli sometimes appeared slightly curved or broken into irregular segments. Vaguely as the modern one cost is in general parlance.

The smallest to be order the more efficacious. He cannot rebuild his cell house, nor prevent the cold, damp air from the river.striking the poor shivering wretch We read with perfect equanimity of a man being condemned to twenty years' imprisonment. The principal symptoms which may be observed in rabbits inoculated with nrulent Micrococci lanceolati are fever, diarrhoea and occasionally albuminuria. A high urinary acidity favors the formation of uric acid calculi, which comprise from sixty to eighty-one per cent, of all urinary concrements. In these cases also the lacunar plugs are found to contain the Klebs-Loefller bacillus in almast pure culture. Tlie lowest mortality was given by the Swiss cities cities of Bombay and Calcutta was by no means high, highest known death-rate iirevailed in Yaljiaraiso, the only South American city heard from. The bladder involvement of an acute cystitis must be considered, for if there has been marked destruction of the mucosa with more or less ulceration, or an extensive inflammatory process involving the entire mucosa, resolution can only take place after a long chronic stage coupled with adequate treatment.

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