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We now seem to have reached a position in which good service can be done for the cause of surgical science by pausing, and submitting to a critical analysis the practical value of the many suggestions made, and by testing, in the light of experience, the right which some modern methods have to continued existence (edge). Such is the affinity of hydrogen for oxygen, and the rapidity of their combination, that they strap often take fire from this circumstance alone. Otherwise he has enjoyed good available health. Such pro stoves are apt to become red-hot, in which case it is believed they allow carbon monoxid to pass through the feast iron. The only treatment usually required is the correction of the mother's habits, pointing out to her that the present and probably future welfare of her offspring depends on her own physical condition; discontinue nursing for twelve to thirty-six hours, and substitute rice water, quantity to be determined by the character of the discharge, the weight, eight ounces every three to how six hours being In the bottle-fed babies, the outlook is far more serious, as they are usually less amenable to treatment. Work - the soul as well as the body, shrinks into arid selfishness when it does not early bow to woman's charms. Once in, they intrench themselves in out-of-the-way places, nest behind rubbish, and is are difficult to dislodge. The former, the trachea, is a firm cartilaginous tube, whose texture enables it to resist at once the pressure of the air, and the tendency of the surrounding parts to obliterate its cavity by pressing its opposite sides together; the latter, the veins, are so unresisting and yielding in their texture, that their walls fall into contact with each other, and destroy their permeability as soon as they cease to best be distended by a liquid thrown into them by external force. If the abortion be one of three months or under, it will be safer and better not to make persistent efforts to accomplish this, but rather trust to nature to accomplish the work, because too long and persistent effortij will only add to the danger of the patient; but if it be one of four months or longer, a physician would hardly be justified in abandoning his efforts in this direction until We have often observed that the foetus will be thrown off at or about three months of gestation, with little disturbance of the general system, with very little loss of blood, and the secundines retained (results).


It was evidently not located in the superior temporo-sphenoidal convolution, which, although the in centre of hearing, has nothing to do with the equilibration of the body; nor could we consider the case one of cerebellar disease, the cerebellum being only the central organ of equilibration, but having nothing to do with the sense of hearing.

The fifty-three cases I have collected show the contrary, for out of this number thirty-four were located in the cheap rectum.

Chipped beef or dried beef is prepared in this manner, except that the meats are often smoked as well as salted and desiccated, so that in their method of "comfort" preparation more than one method of preservation is employed. This line is represented by the body of the letter S; it was first analyzed and set forth as deserving of richard its appellation, by Hogarth. I I I I! I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I quick I The foregoing case, given by Klebbs, is instructive in showing how the tendency, though transmitted through daughters, finds expression only in the males, and in illustrating first a diffusion and then a waning of the peculiarity (Thompson).

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