In this disease, and advises the cauterization of each individual follicle, first anaesthetizing the conjunctiva with cocaine. Imtli (lid very well, and I tliiuk thu that all woio liftod liiKlior in tin- polvis. They frequently become transformed into permanent contractures.


" The surgical treatment of colics" might easily be mistaken for more than I shall be able to disclose as rational treatment of a surgical character for intestinal and gastric ailments. She rapidly became violently delirious, shrieking frequently; her extremities cold and pulseless; and in spite of some ounces of champagne poured down her throat, and half a drachm At the post-mortem examination, the cut ends of the band were found, with the fine ligatures that had been used to arrest bleedins: One end of the band was found near the upper part of the vertebral attachment of the mesentery, the other on the intestine, just below the seat of constriction. Thirty days' leave of absence.

Accordingly, examination of the latter was found to throw light on the dark places of the more complex, and artificialIv invested, human character. In animals, the nutritive soul of the sexes is contained potentially in the generative system of the female; thus it is that the actual beginning, or foundation, of the life of the future animal is of a purely vegetable nature. Of Philadelphia, read the report of a case.

He does not find that plumbers and painters admit the common (My own observation in London would not permit me to grant this admission.) In these cases there was history of inherited It is important to note the influences of lead in cases of gout majority of cases there is found history either of predisposition to gout, or of distinct intemperance in malt liquors, or, indeed, of both causes; but none the less is the influence of saturnism very decided a jjainter; and amongst my own cases are three where the fathers were either painters or compositors. , will often banish the trouble. After the menopause the uterine and ovarian irritation became eliminated. Three days later the mother was taken with the same symptoms and I was sent for. In some instances the pelvis is distended by an impacted calculus, in others the obstruction of the ureter by an impacted calculus or a swelling has led to overdistension of the pelvis, and Prognosis is not hopeful. Action, saysf that"he believes that electricity, powerfully concentrated in passing through the tissues, has some destructive effect on the trophic nerves, or nerves that carry trophic influences, thereby cuts off the power of nutrition in the tissues, and causes progressive or rapid atrophy of the tissues under their control." Why may not the" atrophic" effects of the current affect the trophic nerves of the carrying blood-vessels, and exert destroying or atrophic influences on the finely constructed intestine? How do we stay the force? Is there a landmark or a demarkation beyond which it shall not pass? Again, we are told that" the stanching effect from hairaorrhage is due to the cutting off of the supplementary circulation." J Why may it not cut off the supplementary circulation of other structures? How can it"atrophy," or have some destructive effect upon the trophic nerves, and affect the" supplementary circulation" only of the hard, insensible tumor, and not similarly affect REMOVAL OF A SPINA BIFIDA WITH THE KNIFE. The lens or its capsule may become opaque, and a fibrinous membrane may form over the pupil.

The stricture was single or multiple, situated at points varying from close to the meatus up to nine inches.

The patient died on the Jeswejenko records that of a four year old English thoroughbred which after a race showed anorexia, weakness, thirst, rapid pulse, palpitations, conjunctivitis, enlarged thyroid and after fourteen days exophthalmia with thyroid pulsations.

In short, preventive paediatrics must be taught. Methyl violet is a more powerful antiseptic than the yellow pyoctanin. They are reducible, irreducible, inflamed or not, strangulated, or their pedicle may be the seat of torsion, an accident which is peculiar to hernias of the uterine appendages and gives the clinical symptoms of side strangulation. The distinguishing feature of the aortic regurgitation is a constant high pulse pressure; with a murmur present and effects the pressure near normal, it is probable that the valvular leak is small. Pool, her nurse, said,"I am glad to see work her die so gently." In a few moments I perceived a shght heaving of the breast. Methods of extension are capable of giving good results if properly applied, but they confine the patient to bed for an unduly long time (ingredients). The tact that the work is by a large number of hematologists inevitably causes tlic different subjects to be somewhat unequal in actual value to tlie reader, some covering their chosen lield far more completely than others: reviews. Does - mercier, especially in his later writings, gives two types of bar formation.

Wegener used fundaments or Substrate secured from thirteen parts of the body; namely, testicle, ovary, brain, cord, nerve, lung, liver, pancreas, thymus, kidney, adrenal, body, thyroid, and contained a ferment that peptonized the albumin of the testicle, if the patient was a male and none of the other twelve albumins.

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