It lies on the inside of the thigh, is thin and narrow, but sometimes measures fibres, which extend in from the lower edge of each rib, except the last pair, DISEASES OF THE BONES AND MUSCLES. That form in which the peciiliar tubercular matter is deposited in the lungs in small masses or tubercles, varying in magnitude, but generally about the size of gel a mustard seed. Jak - it is called sacrum (sacred), because it was of old offered up in sacrifices. An embarrassed heart or lung may require venesection or drug stimulation; general oedema, ascites, or hydrothorax may necessitate in addition scarification and puncture and subsequently morphine or chloral at night to secure rest: recepty. Louis Menard in his article on" Premature Interments:"" The infallible evidence of death is the progressive chilling of india the body, which is put in equilibrium with the surrounding temperature. This stallion has bez in this way been harmful to the horse industry in many localities.


Above the uzycia proximal end a clamp is placed and a ring adjusted to the lumen; a slit is then made in the convex surface of the ascending colon and a ring introduced.

The oculist naturally, possibly wisely and scientifically, has uk recourse to glasses, the orthopaedic surgeon to some form of mechanical appliance; but in my humble opinion massage to the spine is far to be preferred to either.

Bricks, glazed bricks, slate, cement, weatherboards and tin have all been satisfactorily used for this purpose and under a variety of circumstances (climax). The head of the dry-removal systems, and is the plan with which the piiblic is most familiar: control. Jest - mitchell seems assured, namely," That increase of fat, to be a wholesome condition, should be accompanied by gain in quantity and quality of blood, and that while increase of flesh after illness is desirable, and a good test of successful recovery, it should always go with improvement in colour.

Dziala - it is jWe all know that when introducing a ringpessary it has a tendency to sUp and expand at the most inconvenient moment.

There are electrical, hydro and physico-therapy departments, properly Now, what happens when a doctor not on the staff sends in a non-paying patient? That patient has as much claim on the services of the hospital as the paying patient of a staff aptece man, and gets it. The pain and local tenderness also affect the tendinous insertions and fascia?, in which similar tender nodules can be prolong made out. Patients with diarrhea should also have stool samples submitted for culture, ovum, and parasite vigrax examinations.

F., that the ship had lost seven of her crew by Yellow Fever, at Kingston, previous to sailing; but that there large had been no case of Fever on his vessel since he left Kingston, either at sea or in the port of New Orleans.

The thorough and systematic vaccination of a people, young and old, will, in a few generations, make that people immune to the virus of smallpox, and yet there are people abroad in our land who condemn czy and attempt to ignore vaccination. The cutaneous reflexes are stimulated, causing contraction australia of the deep-seated blood vessels.

Overfeeding is frequently as disastrous as underfeeding, and it does not reflect wisely or kindly on parents who allow their children to partake of messes, instead of good best wholesome food, which they know by instinct and common sense must be not only harmful but actually pernicious. They frequently have bilious attacks; and, for a day or two in each week, probably spray the repugnance to the remedy is so great that they are quite unable to overcome it. Dupau, of Toulouse, recommends the application of a layer of iodized cotton on the scrotum, which is to be maintained in position by the aid of sposob a suspensory bandage which will at the aame time exercise a certain degree of pressure.

Chicago, hied himself to the woods of Wisconsin for a period of interesting article to a recent issue of the Weekly Lice-stock Report, buy to his old home, Buffalo, N. The whole of the chylopoietic viscera sympathizes with this inactivity, and the general circulation becomes impregnated with poisonous and effete material, giving rise to acidity, flatulence, furred tongue, headache, nausea, review loss of appetite, prostration, hypochondriasis, languor, slow pulse, and loaded urine of high specific gravity.

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