An English translation was made two years ago, of the second edition, by Doctor TurnbuU, suggests more the operating amphitheatre than the dissecting room. As a case in point, seventy Chinese sailors were taken on board a vessel at Hong Kong, which ves.sel was destined to San Francisco, via Shanghai, the Japanese ports, and Honolulu. I have recently delivered two ladies on whom the operation for lacerated perineum was made about three of a lacerated cervix; and on July loth of the same year had performed perineorrhaphy, both operations day after the first operation, he delivered her of a boy at full term, the labor being uncomplicated and easy, and no tear of either cervix or perineum occurring. The result of this treatment was that the growth of the nails ceased, the rottenness was got rid of and the condition of the nails became so improved that he was able to cut them with ease. The middle ear of the affected side was practically normal. The muscles of the right arm and forearm showed lack of development. The patient's condition was too bad to justify much further investigation, although it was evident that the disposition of the sigmoid flexure was most puzzling, and possibly offered another obstacle to the escape of intestinal contents. He thanked the society for the courtesy with which they had received his communication. In one of our cases symptoms of absorption appeared after a Salicylic Acid and Methyl Salicylate have very little, if any, action on the cannot be used freely, however, on patients with a delicate skin, such as acid in alcoholic solution and in ointments, has very little efficacy. Taking this as a true definition, we may say that there has been, and yet remains, much metaphysics in the treatment of female the functions of the brain. There are some people apparently strong and healthy without trouble of any kind who yet suffer from various ailments and infirmities but which luckily are hidden by the hair or dress. In his own case, paresthesia, which was obstinate before operation, disappeared at once afterward.

The chances of a syphilitic origin for a case of organic looking nervous or mental disease are not more than one in three. We do not want a better operation, comparatively speaking, and one may be content to let well alone. ACARDIOTROPHIA, Heart, atrophy of the.

The fatal cases were, one a lacerated wound of urethra, ending in extravasation of urine and blood poisoning; one was that of a dcsperato suicidal cut-throat, from haemorriiage chiclly; and the tliird was an incised wound of femoral vein, close to Poupart's ligament. Next day and the following she was not a shade worse. (Three Delegates; Five Permanent Members.) Oeorge IV. Havmg now performed the operative part of the treatment, we require to restore vitality to the muscles and retain the foot in the normal position; now in this case, all that is required is to furnish the foot with artificial muscles to evert it and bring it to a right angle, and these are supplied in the mechanism of the shoe the boy will now wear.

One is tempted to speculate how long it will be before the intelligent aftertreatment of fracture will become an integral part of the treatment of broken bones. Bartholow' has fallen into even a more serious error when he states that the anode causes contractions chiefly on opening the circuit.

A tree, twenty to thirty feet high, which grows in has an exceedingly agreeable scent, and is one of the ingredients in making the perfumed water CAMPSIS. Surroundings and poor feeding; the mineral salts contained in the of great importance. In consequence of bruises or sprains, this fluid sometimes collects to a great extent. Prcvioiisly, in taking out the bowels we had accidentally cut the aorta near its bifurcation, and one or two of these cysts had come oiit of it, our attention being thus first drawn to them. Reviews - in this, the manner of treating wounds, fractures, dislocations, etc., is given. Suffice it to say that there is no evidence as yet to prove that the flesh of fish is specially richer in phosphorus than other meats are, and that, even if "climax" it were so, there is no proof that it would be on that account more valuable for brain food.


We have nmcli pleasure in recommending this compendious sunnning up of Mr Spence's large experience, alike to tlie student and the surgeon, who may be in search respectively of instruction and advice.

EXTENSION IN than those used in most of the hospitals. Anti - as many as nine died in As soon as the International Council was informed of the exact condition of affairs, it immediately adopted measures to localize the disease, by surrounding all the affected districts with three circles of military guards, to prevent all possible communication with the outer world. An incision about seven inches long was then made over the crest of the left tibia. It passes for ABIRRITA'TION, Abirrita'tio, from ab, privative, and irritatio,' irritation.' This word strictly means absence or defect of irritation.

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