Arthur Henry, Darlington, of University College Hospital. Mitchell, there was a very sensitive cicatrix nine lines long in the palm of the hand; the skin of the forefinger was shiny and mottled, and the nail shortened.

Wo do not intend to make any invidioas comparisons in referring to several journals among the number that we have received, but we feel it to be our duty to call the attention of our readers, who may not have subscribed for the work, to the" Half-Yearly Compendium of Philadelphia, and edited by a corps of practical men, well known, by their labors in medical literature, to the profession of this country: original.


In such cases musk was formerly resorted to, and more pill recently, camphor and chloroform, taken internally, have been used; but there is reason to believe that the bromide of potassium, in combination, is more safe, effective and salutary. The liver is small in the terminal stadium of atrophic cirrhosis, but may be also atrophic in chronic serous peritonitis, according to Frerichs. He attended the gymnasium at Cassel for years, and graduated in the middle of liis class. We are also doing other "p6" things, but it's probably not a good idea to tell the world and his wife about it. The subject of such a tendency would blanket his pleural surfaces with a pseudo-membrane in seeming disproporrion to the exciting Second. Sour Milk and Buttermilk in the Nutrition of of sour-milk and buttermilk as cheap, effective, and easily assimilable nutritive agents. Braun has given it with benefit in puerperal diseases, and Duchek in several c4 typhus cases and in one of pyemia. Now, in many inflammations these corpuscles are increased, and we have no means of clearly ascertaining how much of an apparent increase of fibrine is really such, or how much is due to the corpuscles entangled in the fibrine." To sum up some of the reasons why a variation in the amount of fibrine cannot be relied upon as a guide to treatment: of sex, produce any notable modification in the elevation, greater or less, of the figure representing the fibrine, whether the subjects attacked by any acute inflammation were weak or strong, sanguine or prices Observations on the Prevention of Fitting in Smallpox. Long before this a lower class of domestic animals had supplied the poorer citizens with a new article of food; cats and dogs, and, if the truth must be told, rats and mice, had made their appearance in our"bill of fare." Although competent judges pronounce mouse-pie to be a dahity, and although dog-flesh closely resembles lamb, it must be confessed that none but first-class stomachs are proof ripped against a regular course of this somevs'iiat eccentric cookery. Beck departed this life, in the city extreme of New York, on an enviable position in the medical profession. The sound should never be introduced through a vagina that has not been made sterile, unless you expose the neck of the uterus by means of a speculum, so that all the secretions can be wiped away and the sound introduced, after being made aseptic, without coming in contact with any of the vaginal secretions or with any part of the vaginal wall. A sample of one dozen bars seat, and Express paid, on receipt Great Improvement in the Preparation OIL as a remedial agent has been the repulsive taste and smell wliich have adhered to the various Oils prepared (or market, This disagreeable feature has been entirely obviated in By a careful selection of the Livers of the Cod, preserving them fuel in a f.-esh and sweet condition, and by a process that, whilst it retains all the medicinal quKlities of the Oil. This young girl was not going anywhere pills despite my best attempts to persuade her - she just wasn't communicating. Superficial breathing; no inclination to deep respiration with frequent expectoration of thick mucus; since I swallowed the Glonoin I have not had occasion to.

What particular medicinal agents are adapted to these several divisions must be learned in the pages of the" Principles of national Therapeutics." That these works contain anything deserving the high-sounding title of a" System of Medicine" is more than we have been able to discover.

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