It was with this possibility in mind that the present investigation was undertaken.

Three days after her arrival, a steerage passenger, who had been taken in at Key West, was sent buy to the Marine Hospital with well-marked symptoms of yellow fever; he recovered, but threw up black vomit freely.


Recovery takes place in a limited number of cases, but the prognosis is always a grave one. Sheath of peroneus longus: insertion, outer side of base of first phalanx of little toe: purchase. A piece of soft iron wire connected a cup of the water with the earth (on). The heating is effected by steam in the vessel in which the water is to be used; consequently the heat is never so great as to cause much precipitation of the saline constituents. Peritonitis may well be regarded as the most fatal of the acute inflammatory diseases-. The allantois is still short and thick; the amnion is very much as in the previous stage, but of course somewhat expanded; the yolksac appears more like an appendage to the embryo. The patient suffers dreadfully, and cannot sleep; but dehrium scarcely ever occurs. Three or four weeks later it appeared at Newcastle; and, in December, at Haddington, a Scottish town on the Tyne.

The following gentlemen, among others, have been especially invited to be present, although any others who are interested will be cordially welcomed." Then follow the names of thirty-six gentlemen, among which occur those of all the physicians, or, at least, nearly all of those in Ohio who resigned from the new organization. This poultice I use for all painful swellings and "oil" ulcers. Since I have been a member of this society I can not recall a discussion of or paper upon this disease. When phosphoras is burned in dry air, or dry oxygen gas, the white cheap dense smoke that arises from it soon condenses into a white, opaque, soft solid, which resembles dry snow in appearance.

AATite The American Society Adassachusetts for program and further information.

Yet some instances are on record, and many others would probably have occurred, if the experiments had been oftener conducted when the body was in circumstances favourable to absorption. His efforts to assist the cardiac patient, the Hartford Heart Association is presenting courses to various professional groups. This mode, however, The idea which Dr. I believe with reason, to have introduced an important improvement into the treatment of caries of the spine. The majority of preganglionic fibers enter the chain between L-i In many of those instances, where there are fewer than five lumbar sympathetic ganglia, fusion of one or more ganglia has occurred as typified by the multiple spinal nerve connections from these larger than normal ganglia. Of the auricle, a band of sparse muscular fibers on the surface of the auricle, extending from the emconchas to the eminentia scaphc the tongue, the "order" fibers of which arise from the septum and radiate to the dorsum and sides. As the online jaw is depressed, the fold disappears. The muscular tissue of the heart is less coherent than usual. L rranaver'aa, one of a number of transverse lines mg on the abdomen running outward on either aide of the Line'ville Min'eral Springs, Iowa. It is by means of our nerves alone that the heart beats; the RANNEY: LECTURES ON ELECTRICITY IN MEDICINE. The cost day of escharotics and powerfully irritating applications has passed; and the expression"burning the throat," so often heard in families, is a misnomer as applied to the treatment of the present times.

The mind grows apathetic, or low muttering delirium exists. Inflammation of the tissues surrounding the capillary bronchial tubes. They act as febrifuges, and are generally sufficient to effect a cure, while their harmlessness, as compared with the usual mineral and mercurial natural treatment is a sufficient inducement to every reasonable and unprejudiced mind to try them, at least. An extract made from the prostate gland of a bullock; suggested for use in prostatic in the male; it consists of two lateral lobes, which are practically fused, and an anterior portion, isthmus or middle lobe.

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