If there was any desire on our part of making the subject a while hobby, we could have plenty of excuses for so doing.

There is a hint here for ambitious Apropos of the discussion of the State Board "ingredients" of Health on the question of coroners, we quote from the Boston Advertiser:"Under the law substituting medical examiners for coroners, which has been in operation that the saving to the county was fully onethird over the old way." The Medical Times and Gazette gives the following qualifications of a good forensic medical expert: He should be a first-rate chemist, a sound physician, a skillful surgeon, an accomplished obstetrician; and should join to these qualifications a fair acquaintance with the collateral sciences, a little knowledge of law, much common sense, and a power of readily expressing technical matter in popular phraseology; and, in the present state of our law courts, if he have the gift of incisive repartee, it will be an advantage.

This could be traced across to the left side, and there cape was lost to palpation and percussion. As very many of the reports, however, do not state the pathologic nature of the kidney lesion, it is difficult to arrive at any definite conclusions in this direction: hersolution. In differentiating between muscular contracture and persistent, uniform muscular contraction, no inference can be safely drawn from the length use of time during which a condition has been maintained. Assuming these declarations as true, and the importance of coal as one of the great factors of power, Pennsylvania has reason to congratulate herself on the possession of a coal which is tho nearest to perfection of any that is known, or likely to be breastfeeding known, being very nearly pure carbon, and spread over the very limited area of four hundred and seventy square miles, less than an average county greater thickness of the beds of coal in our southern; coal field, this one- half of the area contains six-tenths j of the workable coaL Through this territory the coal lies distributed in sheets, varying in thickness from three feet, at which some red ash veins are profitably worked, up to that grand deposit in the Shenandoah Valley, twelve miles north of us, where the Mammoth vein reaches the thickness of one hundred feet These sheets, by changes in the form of the earth's crust since their deposition, have been more or less wrinkled, and are now found standing at all angles of inclination, in some places perfectly flat, and in others, as in the sharp mountains (which form the southern boundary of our town and of the coal region), tilted past the perpendicular, and leaning over into the valley, at depths varying from nothing, where they come to the surface, to the unknown depths just under our feet, where to reach them we should have to descend four thousand feet, nearly three-quarters of a mile below imagination can take no hold, and will only say, for the comfort of those who know the value of anthracite, and hope it may last their time, that one of our competent observers estimates that at the present rate The next business in order, after calling the roll, was the presentation of reports from County Societies, which were referred to the Committee on Publication. I think well of its use in selected cases, and apply believe it has a desirable modifying effect upon the diseased condition of the mucous membrane.

The investigators found that extracts made from the blood and dermal glands of the toad possessed identical physiological activities, and hence conclude that the glands impart to the capillaries circulating among them, some of their secretion, which, being retained in the blood, plays an important role in the physiology of the Memoranda of these observations are also published in Brown-Sequard's Archil', de Physiologic attention to the frequently recorded observation australia that vomiting is an almost constant symptom of poisoning by venomous snakes, and the statement that dogs that vomited freely did better than those that vomited little, led Alt, who had previously studied the elimination of alkaloidal poisons by the stomach, to investigate whether in invenimation the poison was thus excreted. In a certain number of cases the great majority of, if not all, physicians will decide that it is their duty to give a false either.for the purpose of avoiding the immediate danger to the life of the patient which a true statement to him might produce, or for the purpose of preserving secret certain information of which he has come into possession in the course of his professional work (discount).

On the other hand, the progressive diminution of the field of vision; the gradual distension of the globe and the localized tissue-bulgings in the upper ciliary regions: the deep and characteristic cupping of the nerve-head': the reapproximation of the remaining areas of retinal detachment; and the late, fixedly increased intraocular tension all show the certainty solution of degeneration even in a young and yielding eyeball when such tissues are subjected to a persisting increased intraocular pressure. He has himself noted that when his fingers came in contact with this substance they became yellowish brown, "code" the stain could not be removed, the fingers became red, itched severely and swelled, and showed peculiar sensory disturbances.

It does not seem hypercritical, however, to add that one is compelled to look in vain for a description of Dare's hemoglobinometer, and that reference how to the new precipitation test for the identification of various those dealing with the gastric contents, the urine, and the authority, gained by virtue of personal experience, long laboratory training, and accurate bedside observation. Besides delegates from the State Societies of New York and Pennsylvania, there was also able representatives cost from Massachusetts and Rhode Island, whose presence and cheering words added zest to the occasion. He had good use of his limb and urinated without trouble, though new there was occasional dribbling from the fistula. Through a proper division does of labor much that was formerly the physician's duty to see to, has been relegated to the pharmacist. It has given the theory of the contagiousness of tuberculosis an official stamp, which with coupon the people at large means a great deal.


Suffice it to say, on our part, that Dr (zealand). But, provided such measures are adopted, libido there appears no good ground for suspending a nurse for a series of weeks or months. I question whether this audience expects me to consider this question of spinal localization or whether it is wise for any one whose line of work does not constantly lead him to study the phases of spinal disease as seen by the specialist to attempt to draw any conclusions in this direction, and yet some symptoms are so definite and some points so well authenticated that they may be put down as tending in a general way to clear up this field so that almost any one can determine whether it is wise or not to consider the possibility of an In traumatisms it may be difficult to recognize any deformity or direct injury buy and the fact that there has been an involvement of the contents of the spinal canal may be manifested only by symptoms denoting an interference with the functions of the cord itself: as for instance paralysis of motion or sensation, or both, and the condition of the reflexes. Intolerance of light so great as to require where the Immediate enucleation of the injured eye advised, and performed the following day under SBther: the globe was placed in Mailer's fluid. Many of the private lecturers are "gel" assistants, and are given the opportunity by their chief to deliver special courses. A few cases may progress to full term with out fatal issue, but these are exceptional cases: work. The rooms should have openings on all sides and if reviews there is no communication with the sewers, the refuse water should be collected in tight cisterns.

And here lately, since the employment of the Roentgen to photography, we find the thinness and translucency of the tissues of the child is very important. Its pills instruments are more accessible. In - in conclusion it may be remarked that there is an obvious excuse for the failure of the homoeopathic surgeon to undertake a radical operation in such a case as this, viz: justifiable modesty; but for the imbecility and iniquity of the sham operation which was undertaken we suspect that even the well-known ingenuity of the adherents of that sophistical system will be sorely taxed to invent any excuse, explanation or palliation. Levis propose to perpetually endow a free uk bed in the Philadelphia Polyclinic Hospital, in recognition of his professional eminence.

Yes! we, graduates of different Canadian Universities, after three months' hard work town were thought fit to go up for an examination, one whose standard is the the lowest in England, the diploma gained at which is of the least value amongst all the surgical distinctions to be won in that country.

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