Aria Resort & Casino Slots Not Paying Out What A Double Rip Off

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Ferenc L on Monday, March 17, 2014 at 10:00:12

company: Aria Resort and Casino

Category: Casinos

Comments: Complaint about the programing and malfunctioning of The Million Degrees – slot machines; After taking-in well over three hundred million dollars the jackpot til hasn’t been paid. I was told by Aria employees that, all the million degrees slot machines owned by Bally’s and hardly ever have a hand pay on them. One of the machine on row 143 was malfunctioning for couple of weeks.I did sent letters and contacted in person the Gaming Control Board and the management at Aria Robert Baldwin and Mike Gatten about the problem with the M. D. Machines with no success. These slot machines should be removed from all the casinos,due to complaints from players to attendants. It’s a double rip off because Bally’s and each casino who have them taking money and un fair profit from the customers!!!


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