The circulation is depressed, the pulse being small and weak.

The United States sanitary inspector at Yuma, Arizona, in his report for the week and other tribes of Indians in that vicinity have been thoroughly vaccinated and are well protected against sm ail-pox (work). This may be explained by the existence of some abnormality ingredients or pathological change in the irritability of the vagus or of the heart muscle. Not at all so on the anterior. A knowledge of what "men's" had happened passed through me like an electric shock. This suture is placed about one inch from the margin of the primary incision and parallel with it. Le Juge de Segrais to the Societe Medicaid de l'Elysee concerning rumination in the human subject (formula). It is glandular and vascular in all its extent, like the mucous membrane. In fact it was a very protracted case; and the symptoms were less violent than usual. The cases recorded are all intramedullary and consequently the most malignant of all The following case adds not only one more to the recorded instances of successful removal of a spinal tumor but, as far as the authors have been INGLIS, KLINGMAN, BALLIN: EXTRAMEDULLARY GLIOMA.

Joseph CoUins at the Neurological Institute in the Chancre twelve years ago, very little treatment until he entered the hospital when he had forty bichloride injections of Yi grain daily. All forms of hernia can be operated on under local anaesthesia while the radical cure of in guinal hernia is the most successful major operation in the entire field of local anaesthesia,"the triumph of cocaine" (Reclus).

Before proceeding, however, it becomes necessary to determine what an ideal chart is. At the end of a week, it the child was diphtheria had come on three days previously, was treated in the same way. Infectious Diseases in New York: We are indebted to the Bureau of Records of the Department of Health for the following statement of new Society Meetings for the Coming Week: County, N. Under ordinary circumstances, and with the exception only of some epidemics of unusual mildness, the disease is of the most dangerous character, and the chances of recovery are slender. When the stream fails to be continuous, or when the impulses no longer succeed each other with the requisite rapidity, the muscular fibres relax and contract alternately and briefly, and the phenomena of tremor are presented. More than one-half of all who are born, do not attain prostate the age of twenty. I shall not be wandering from our present subject if I enumerate the symptoms to be expected from a large dose of strychnia; especially as I have lately been advising you to make trial of it as a remedy in certain forms of disease. Instead of judiciously aiding nature in her delicacy and caution. Apoplexy I have already defined what I mean by that term, which is what the older writers also meant may happen without cerebral hemorrhage; cerebral hemorrhage may happen without apoplexy; or the two may occur in conjunction, as cause and effect.

The knowledge and confidence gained bv their use make the physician dissatisfied with secret proprietary preparations, and, in this manner, is sounding the death knell of all such preparations, and is building up a class of thinking physicians who want to know the composition and action of the drugs they are asked to prescribe.

Two weeks afterwards she came to this city does to have the sac removed entirely. Happily many of the worst and most intractable forms of cutaneous disease are supplement rare in the United States.


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