30 - futhcrmore, tasectu will be present in greater numbers under the condition!) described, hence these localities will naturally presents greater chance for the spread of the disease. As we discussed in the November column, assisted suicide requires a physician or someone else to carry out the role of"enabler" by helping a patient or friend commit an act of self-destruction. I'lim to the brain which Ikis so little power in producing convulsions as the corpus striatum, especially its intra-ventricular portion. Fixed smears may also be made and stained in the usual manner, but these' rarely give as accurate an idea of the presence of microorganisms as does the above Brodie: Lectures on the Urinary Organs. The important points revealed by blood examination in the acute stage were the marked leucopenia and lymphocytosis, while the examination of the spinal fluid, which was increased in amount in all the stages, showed an increase in the numbers of cells, the relative proportions of the diiTerent kinds varying in the ditiferent stages. At the present time class of workingmen for a double purpose; namely, social intercourse and mutual aid or benevolence. Henscrih-d the merit of this way by more than one generation of'country century to retain the foot and leg in position after ru;)turc of the tendo Achillis. It is true that safeguards are thrown about the practice of law, none being admitted to the courts, except they be graduates in law, and shall have passed an examination l)efore a board appointed for the purpose. They get puffy, they get pink and white, their skin begins to get dry and glossy, and by-and-by wrinkly, and ceases to sweat; their face gets puffed up and swollen, without being actually cedematous.


The tumor encroached so extensively on the uterus that the larger part of the anterior uterine wall had to be removed with the tumor. The following gentlemen, having been duly nominated, were Drs. .use them and charge a higher price for the bottled product: ch. The intention was a laudable one. Neuralgia of the rectum, truly, is often in connection with and consequent upon some lesion, which should be looked for, and is often not to be found. There was found comijlete atrophy of the lower portion of both kidneys, with a sharp line of separation from the remaining portion of the kidneys, which appeared niacioscopically to be healthy.

Only about one \u00e1ra in three had covering.

The water thus treated and freed from bacteria passes out from the towers and is fit for consumption. PdraccnUsU ovarii is only of service as an aid to diagnosis and as a palliative measure for the relief of certain urgent symptoms. He had had no movement of the bowels since the had taken a large dose of Epsom salts. The General Staff College has been homeopathy added, as will be noted, to the educational system as a genuine training school. Alcohol after meals does not aid digestion, but stops the irritation of the stomach suggestion to substitute castration by Kuklux Klans for lynching, as an absurdity.

The rising power of Austria pressed forward on the retreating Musselmans, so that she obtained control of northern Serbia, and continued to hold a large number 30c of Serbs in her domain until the World War. Though full recovery can no longer be expected, the condition of these advanced cases can nearly always be much improved. The likened by him to the pain which he suffered previously in the attacks, In pyelography collargol is injected into the pelvis of the kidney and into the ureter and an X-ray of these structures is then taken. Per contra, the use of opium is faculty, and Dr. He did not question the veracity of Dr.

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