Comp Points – or CON Points!

From: Dale M.

Category: Gambling

Subject: Missing Comps Card #CardNumber

Name of the business being complained about: Rampart Casino 

Address of the business being complained about: Las Vegas, NV 

Contact Person of the business being complained about: Player's Club

We were a member of Rampart Casino for several years. During the last year or so, we did not attend as much. They have a 'dumb'  rule whereby I am not allowed to buy a buffet for my own wife. All other casinos allow such. That is one complaint.

The second, all of our comp points were cancelled for not attending at all this past year. This was not true but Rampart used this false rationale to save themselves a small amount of money.
We spent thousands of dollars, at Rampart, in the  past years just to 'earn' around 25,000 points each. This is little return upon the dollars wasted.  The Casino loses much income from us by cheating us out of what we had already earned.
Sorry for the jaded comment: Rampart Casino sucks! We won't go back with such a mendicant attitude.

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